20 Positive Affirmations for Success during times of Uncertainty

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During this time of uncertainty, many people are responding in different ways to self-quarantine and social distancing.
For many this time is an opportunity to pivot, to be creative & innovative.
For others they may be overwhelmed with fear, worry & concern.
Regardless of what you may be feeling or how you may be dealing with this situation, I do know that our Mindset and what is going on internally will have a powerful impact on us daily-either positively or negatively.
If we spend much of our day on Social media or watching the news-negative stuff is going to get in.  We must guard our minds. We must choose to control our thoughts.
I personally have been feeling quite a mental funk for the past 12 days or so.  I already work from home. So, I don’t think it’s that.
Normally, I am a very positive person.  My normal daily routine is to write in my journal, listen to positive messages on YouTube while showering and getting dressed and stating out loud positive affirmations. But these last days, I may or may not write in my journal, I’m not listening to my normal positive messages on Youtube and before today, I don’t remember when I last spoke out loud my positive affirmations.
We’ve all learned that ‘What you focus upon expands”  “What you think about you bring about”.
These past days I wake up with motivated thoughts of what I’m going to do and accomplish.  Then after a bit of taking in Social media and  Me NOT controlling my thoughts, a feeling of lethargy sets in. I’m not motivated.  Being one who tends not to believe what is fed to us by the media, makes it even more difficult because then my mind just goes reeling.  I have been aware and cognizant of my situation but I really was allowing myself to NOT be in control.
Yesterday, I sat down and decided to create my own Positive Affirmations for Success in the Midst of Uncertainty.  I offer them here to you.  If these can bring encouragement, confidence, positivity to your day, then please use them.
I suggest that you find a quiet place preferably in the morning, as you start your day.
Take a moment to take in some deep breaths and exhale.  Then, Read the Affirmations aloud, with feeling & conviction. Read them daily. Even 2 or 3 times a day. Read them all at one sitting-only takes a few minutes.  Or read 5 a day.
I pray that this may be helpful to you. If you’d like to reply, I’d love to hear from you.
I am Choosing to start my day with these Affirmations as a daily habit.
Christoff J. Weihman
ASPIRE Enterprises
Las Vegas, NV
p.s. If you are doing great during this time and really thriving, please consider reaching out to friends, family members, clients or colleagues to check in with them.

1. At this moment I choose to focus on what I’m grateful for-this sets the tone for my day

2. With everything that is going on, I Am still Focused & Productive in my Life & Business

3. Despite statements about being ‘non-essential’, to the contrary, I know that I Am Vital, Important & Valuable. I Have Greatness within Me & the world needs me to share my gifts

4. Although timelines & outcomes may be uncertain, I remain strong in my Faith. I Am certain that this too shall pass

5. I Have the Desire, Determination & Discipline to make the best of this time in all that I do each day

6. I Am blessed with Vision & Creativity.

I Seek & Find new opportunities to pivot & thrive personally & professionally during this time.

7. Daily I choose to be an example of Joy, Faith & Kindness to others.

8. Today I Choose to control my Thoughts, my Feelings & my Words & to express Positivity through them

9. Fear, Panic & Worry have no place in me. Instead, I live by Faith that God is in control & has my best interest in mind

10. Daily I make Positive choices to strengthen my immune system, stay active, eat healthy & get proper rest

11. As I Focus on my Health, my Family, my Business, I also remember Friends, Colleagues, Clients & others & communicate support to them, reminding them they’re not alone

12. I set an intention to make this day Powerful, Peaceful, Positive, Productive & Profitable

13. I easily attract to myself great opportunities to Serve more clients at a higher level while increasing my income

14. I Am Blessed to be a Blessing.

I Focus on Developing my Gifts, my Talents & my Message so I can be a Greater Blessing to a larger number of people.

15. When I have feelings of uncertainty, doubt or worry, I immediately shift my mindset, my focus & my state & move forward with gratitude & positivity.

16. I Choose to only use Social Media in positive ways . I share joy, happiness, encouragement & positive humor.

I share my expertise & my message of service to empower & benefit others.

17. When I feel weak or discouraged, I acknowledge these feelings & humbly ask for & receive support & encouragement from others.

18. I Choose to take action daily to grow my business & better myself. I seek out new opportunities of learning, I develop my skills, talents & abilities.

19. I Choose to make the most of each new day. I open myself to new ideas, new tools & technologies to equip & grow my business. I attract new & exciting partnerships that are mutually beneficial for all.

20. I Recognize that with everything happening on the outside, that this is truly an internal game. I have no control over the news, social media or the government. I Choose to control my mindset, my attitude, my thoughts, feelings & actions

21. My Dream, my Vision, my Talents, my Message are all Gifts from God.

I realize & embrace that God has a higher calling for me.

I’m too Big to play Small. It’s My Time

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