When the World brings you soup and there’s a fly in it


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I’m in the process of writing-well, actually, finishing a book about restaurant service entitled, Getting to Wow! First Class Restaurant Service

So, why wouldn’t my blog be the same title as my book?  Good question.  For one, I think it’s catchy-“Soupfly”.  But beyond that, since my book is about Service-and First Class Restaurant Service- I wanted a title that would be memorable.  Of course, I could call my blog-“Excellent Restaurant Service”.  But then you’d be compelled to remember-wait, was it “Restaurant Service Excellence”? or “Excellence in Restaurant Service”? or… you get the idea.

So… -yep, Soupfly, it is.  Yes, I’ve made it a compound noun.   That’s right-Soupfly.  No, it’s not in the dictionary.  But someday it may be.

Now to be forthright-I hate when people say-“to be honest with you”.  Well, what have you been until now?  Less than honest?  But I digest.  Digress.

Actually, in all my years of working in the service industry-I have never seen a fly in someone’s soup, ever.   We’ve all heard Alannis Morisette sing of “a black fly in your Chardonnay”.   And that may make more sense and be more realistic, perhaps, but it certainly is not  quick and easy to type.  Nor is it short and sweet and a great name for a blog.   A BLACK FLY IN YOUR CHARDONNAY.  More likely, it would be a fruitfly in your Chardonnay.  But this is my blog and I like my title so, hence it is now and ever shall be called SOUPFLY.  Unless I decide to change it.

Aside from all the above drivel, (or is it drivvel?), let’s be serious for a moment.  The concept of Soupfly is actually the antithesis of Excellent Restaurant Service and it presents an opportunity to respond in a way that allows you to provide exceptional customer service.  Now, granted, I am currently not working as a server today but if I were, I would not necessarily hope for but I am quite certain that I would welcome a Soupfly.  For such an event is rich with possibilities.

So, let’s consider: If there were a fly in my guest’s soup, how would I respond?

First, I believe it’s important to clarify-Is the fly floating visibly on top of the soup or does our diner discover it as he spoons a bit and is about to bring it to his mouth?

If indeed, the fly is floating on top of the soup as if it were enjoying a mid-afternoon summer day on an inflatable raft, sunning itself and enjoying an adult beverage while in the soup, then shame on me, the server, for not paying closer attention while picking up said bowl.  In this case the lesson of the Soupfly is: we must pay attention to details.  If you as a server walk into the kitchen, chef says order up and you grab the bowl of soup and don’t really look at it, inspect it before you leave the kitchen, then I would say you’re not really a very conscientious server.

There is a principle that states “You can’t expect what you don’t inspect.’”  You must be aware of and know what you are bringing to your guest.  Is it what they ordered?  Is it prepared correctly?-Any requested modifications, ie. sauce on the side, no bacon etc., done as ordered?  Do not blame the kitchen or your chef if a Soupfly is just floating comfortably on the surface of the soup and you don’t notice it until after you’ve served it to your guest.  If it’s visible, then you my friend are responsible.  You may have not placed it there but it’s on you if you bring it to your guest.

Next scenario-You serve your guest the soup, no visible Soupfly.  You’ve carefully perused the surface of the soup, nothing visible but the soup itself and steam coming off of it.  A few moments later, however, your guest flags you over to witness that indeed there is a fly in their soup, or a hair in their pasta or a fingernail in their gumbo or even a band-aid in their chili.

{Side note-in my opinion, none of the above are very catchy blog titles-“gumbo fingernail”, “pasta hair”,  etc.}

The difference, however, is that though a Soupfly would most likely be visible on top of soup, a hair in the pasta or the other two examples would not be.  So, if said foreign object is immersed, hidden, folded in or tossed together and not visible in the food, then of course you cannot be held responsible for unknowingly bringing it to your guest.  At this point, it really is irrelevant how it got there, the only thing that matters is how will you respond?

I have seen servers actually stand there and argue with the guest as to whether the foreign object came from the kitchen or whether it was planted there.  They say things like, “Sir, there was no fly in your soup when I brought it out to you. I know your type, always trying to get something for free.  Well, I’m not buying it.”

Others might say something to the effect of, “Look sir, I didn’t make your soup, I can’t control what goes on back in that kitchen. I’m just a server.  Do you want me to get you something else?”

Others will completely shirk any responsibility and simply say, “Do you want to talk to a manager?”

So, back to the title-“Soupfly” Soupfly brings out in a person whatever is already intrinsically there.  If I served a guest soup and they told me there was a Soupfly in it,  my response would be very different from any of the above.  Rather, I would first apologize profusely.  Second, I would ensure them that this Has Never Happened Before.  And if it were now clearly visible on the surface of the soup, I would say, “Shame on me.  I thought I looked.   It is absolutely my fault and I am so very sorry that I missed it.   We are going to remedy this situation immediately.”

Now, if what you ordered was your absolute favorite, say, an amazing bouillabaisse-if you are like most people, you probably don’t want a new, freshly made, clean bowl of the same sans  the Soupfly.  Just the sight of the same dish still conjures up repulsive memories and an emotional gut response that certainly doesn’t entice one to attempt it again.  You’ve lost your appetite (and your faith in humanity} Well, maybe not the latter.  If it were me  all I could think of doing is cringeing and saying




To Be Continued…


Breaking Free of the Mediocre Mindset (Choosing & Using Better Words)

Welcome Back to Soupfly!

It’s been a while and I’ve missed you all.  Here is a fresh serving of Soupfly for you to enjoy!

Breaking Free of the Mediocre Mindset  (Choosing and Using Better Words)

Words have power.  They have the power to affect us. Positively or negatively. The words we say. And even the words we think. Our words affect our mindset, which in turn affect our feelings and inform the actions we take. Words spoken and unspoken. Conscious and unconscious.  Our words affect the people we speak them to.  Words carry energy. 

I have noticed for some time now that there is an overall lax in the workplace in terms of the way people communicate to and with customers.  Every day, in so many interactions, we hear service professionals being very non-intentional with their words.  Saying the same thing over and over to customer after customer. Do we even give any conscious thought to the words we speak?

At a retail or grocery store, “Did you find everything ok?”

A host or hostess to a guest upon entering a restaurant, “Two?”

A restaurant server to the guest, “Is everything ok?” “Are you still doing ok?”

At any business establishment, “Have a good one.”  A good what I ask?

At a bank, “I can help.”  Not “Hi, how may I help you?” ?

When a customer says “Thank you”, oftentimes the response is “No problem.”  What happened to “You’re welcome”? And by the way, why are you not thanking me for my business instead of me just thanking you?

At some establishments, like The Ritz Carlton, they say, “My pleasure” or “It’s my pleasure”. What a difference that is.  Which sounds better and conveys a better feeling message; “No problem.” Or “My pleasure”?

What is wrong with saying “Is everything ok?” you ask.  Nothing really.  But it’s just a word that the only thing it conveys is a sense of average. Mediocrity. Think about it, do you really want your customers to be ok?  Or would you prefer their experience to be great, awesome, wonderful, enjoyable?

My mentor and friend, James Dentley, says that average or mediocre is “The best of the worst and the worst of the best. It’s the top of the bottom and the bottom of the top.”  Now tell me, is that what you want to be?  Average?  Mediocre?  The words you use reveal what is in your mind.  Are you being intentional or are you just using words that you’ve always used everyday and that everybody everywhere always uses?

Yes, I am particular and conscientious about the words I use and choose.  But I too, fall into the trap sometimes.  In fact, last month when I was speaking at a large sales rally in Chicago, I had just mentioned earlier in my presentation that we should be intentional and aware of the words we use.  I even recommended omitting the word “ok” from our vocabulary and replacing it with something that carried more positivity.    Then, literally moments after I mentioned this, I said, something like, “Is it ok for us to have fun?”  And they all shouted “No it’s not ok.  It’s great.” Good to know that they were paying attention and that perhaps I made an impact. The called me out on what I myself was speaking about. 

I believe there may be better words for us to use. So, for example, when you mean acceptable, allowed, etc. why not use those words instead of ‘ok’? When you mean comfortable, satisfied or feeling well, why not say that instead of “Are you ok?”

These are just a few examples of what, in my opinion is laziness and a mediocre mindset.  I know that these professionals are not intending any negativity by the words they say.  However, neither are they putting any conscious effort into conveying a positive energy.  They are not setting the tone in an upbeat manner.

When calling a company, oftentimes, the person answering the phone doesn’t even say the name of the company. Sometimes it’s merely, “Hello,” It’s a simple thing, but actually saying, “Thank you for calling Tony’s Bistro.  How may I help you?” goes a long way to making the customer feel comfortable.  Do you really appreciate their business?  How do you show it? Do you answer the phone in a way that sends out a positive, upbeat, and welcoming message? Or does it convey that you really don’t care who’s calling, if anyone is calling or not?

In a day when business in all industries is over-the-top competitive, there has to be a way to stand out amongst the sea of mediocrity.  Are you just going through the motions, hour after hour, day after day at your job? Or do you look forward to coming to work, with a positive mindset, an attitude of anticipation, filled with enthusiasm and eager to be of service to your customers? 

Do you come to work with a conscious knowing that you have the power to positively impact your customers?  With your smile, your attitude, your energy, and your words?  You do. Our words have power. Your words have power. What kind of impact do you desire to have upon those that you encounter every day? It’s your choice. Words do have power.  But words filled with mediocrity convey no power.  Don’t let your words merely convey mediocrity.  Don’t ask if everything is ‘ok’.  Refuse to think, be or say the word “ok”. It’s a mindset.  Do you really want your customers, your guests, your clients to think that your service or product is “ok”? Wouldn’t you love if your customers perceived that doing business with you was a pleasant, exciting, fun, stress free, and enjoyable experience? Something more than just ‘ok’?

In the words of my mentor, Les Brown, “You have greatness within you.”  Let your words be one way in which you share that greatness with the world. 

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The Cure to Procrastination

The Cure to Procrastination


Have you ever started a project and not finished it?  Have you ever told yourself you’re going to do something but it never got done?  I know I have.  Many times.  You start off with a grand vision, an amazing idea, you put your ideas down on paper and you start with high energy and enthusiasm.  Then after a couple days or weeks or months the excitement wears off.  You get distracted.  You lose your focus and drive.  Oh, you still dream about doing or finishing the project you began, to write a book, start an online business, take art lessons, but for one reason or another you put it off.  You procrastinate.  The project winds up in a drawer, on a shelf or somewhere out of view.

Oftentimes people use perfectionism as an excuse to procrastinate.  We have the mindset that it needs to be perfect before we can release it to the public.  But what this does is delay sharing your genius, your talent your gift with the world.  And that is a shame.  You were blessed with your gifts and talents so you can be a blessing to others.  Your gifts are not for you.  You were given them so you can share them with the world.  By procrastinating, you are cheating your audience.

Here’s the truth, your project will NOT be perfect.  There may be flaws, mistakes.  If you’re writing a book, even if you have the most educated, experienced, talented editor, there still may be a misspelled word or incorrect grammar.  Don’t sweat it.  You must be confident that you are creating something of value that people need.

The cure to procrastination is to have a standard of Excellence and then to realize that it may not be perfect.  I’m not talking about being satisfied with mediocrity.  It’s good enough mindset is not good enough.  You have talents and gifts to share.  Use them.  Develop them.  Be the best you that you can be.  Go create that project with a standard of Excellence and then once it’s great, even if it’s not perfect-put it out there.  Publish it.  Release it.  Share your genius with the public.  Realize that NOT everyone will love it. That’s okay.  There is an audience that needs to hear, and receive what you have to share.  There are people who WILL love what you have to say, and share.

So, stop wasting time.  Set a deadline for yourself.  Envision the powerful positive impact your creation will have upon your audience.  Set aside the time, put away the distractions and tell yourself, “I’m going to do this.”  And then set about to getting it done.  You will feel so elated once you’ve accomplished it.  Doing so will exponentially grow your confidence and the world will be happy that you have shared your gift.  You have greatness within you, don’t let it stay inside.

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Are You a Person of EXCELLENCE?

Welcome Back to Soupfly!!

It has been a while since I’ve posted an article here but now I’m back!

I miss all my amazing, supportive Soupfly readers from around the world.  There are so many exciting things happening which I will share at the end of the this article.  I hope you enjoy this.


“It has been said that Perfection is unattainable, but my experience has proven that Excellence is within our reach, and I’ll choose and aspire to Excellence every time”

People often make mistakes, miss the mark and mess up. We forget to call a customer who is waiting for an answer. We hit the wrong button disconnecting a customer who’s been on hold for fifteen minutes. We put the wrong address on a package to be shipped, we ring in the wrong item on a customer’s order and we charge them double, and God forbid, but sometimes we mistakenly give the wrong medicine to a patient. We are human. We are fallible. We make mistakes and we are imperfect beings. But our goal, our standard, what we aspire to must always be a standard of Excellence.

A person of Excellence is always a person of Excellence. The customer experience will inevitably, at some point, have missteps and imperfections. No customer expects perfection. If they do, they’re not living in the real world. What I hope for is that you desire and choose to become a person of Excellence. If you take pride in how you show up to work, your attire, your attitude, your energy, your demeanor, that is going to translate into an exceptional customer experience.

I’ve experienced many times at a restaurant when something was not correct. I call these instances a ‘Soupfly’-something that could go wrong, like a fly in your soup. I did not order soup with a fly in it. You, my server, did not put it in there, I’m hoping. And yet, there it is. But it’s not the end of the world, nor is it the end of the opportunity for me to have a great dining experience. You are a person of Excellence, so what do you do? First obviously, you apologize. No finger pointing, no excuses. Just take responsibility and own it. “I am so sorry, sir. We are not known for serving flies in our soup. Please accept my apology.”

Then what? Make sure you tell the manager and let’s move on. Bring me something that you know I will enjoy. If I’m vegan-I am, then do not offer to bring me your finest ribeye. If I’m gluten-free, my wife is, don’t offer to bring me your best fettucine alfredo. A person of Excellence is always a person of Excellence.

If you don’t take pride in how you answer the phone or set the table, how can I be sure that you are diligent in communicating my dietary needs and allergies to the chef when you place my order?


One of my favorite mentors, T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, says,

“How you do anything, is how you do everything.”

And as my wife is fond of saying and reminding me, “A person of Excellence is always a person of Excellence.”

I think she is quoting me when she says that. No matter.

Your pursuit of excellence should carry through to every aspect of your work. This includes how you communicate with your customers. Excellence should be your standard in all you do, not just when someone is looking. Excellence and integrity are inextricably linked. You can’t have one without the other.

Excellence is NOT Perfection

We are not expecting perfection. We are expecting excellence. Striving for excellence allows for room to grow. Like my friend, International Speaker, James Dently, often says, “The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

We all can get better every day, as we strive for and make Excellence our standard. Excellence is not perfection.  However, average is never acceptable. Don’t say or think or have the mindset of “It’s okay”. No, its not. Okay is not okay. Okay is mediocre.

Excellence is Contagious

When you commit to Excellence, that commitment will shine through and it will cause others to follow suit. You will positively affect those around you as you make Excellence your standard. You will be an inspiration to your colleagues and your peers. Your customers will be attracted to you and will come back for more because they know what you stand for and strive for. Excellence is what you deliver.

A championship team is made up of many champions, not just one superstar. This is as true in business as it is in sports. Michael Jordan led his team, the Chicago Bulls, to 6 NBA Championships. He set a standard of Excellence for his teammates. Yes, he was the leader but the team members rose to that standard of Excellence set for them.

You must do likewise for your team, even if you are not the official leader. You can lead by example.  By being a person of Excellence.

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