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In case You haven’t heard…WE HIT NUMBER 1 ON AMAZON with my New Book, The Customer Experience!!

Well, my Friends, I know it’s been a while since we’ve connected here.  But I AM Back!   AND…

In case you haven’t heard, a little over a week ago, on June 30, my 2nd book, The Customer Experience hit NUMBER 1 on Amazon in 3 Categories and in paperback and Kindle version in those categories!!

Business & Money-Customer Relations-NUMBER 1

Sales & Marketing-Customer Service NUMBER 1

Business & Money-Leadership & Training NUMBER 1

Also, we were number 3,8 & 10 in 3 other Categories Business & Money-Company Culture Business & Money- Company Infrastructure Small Business & Entrepreneurship

I am Super Grateful to all of you who participated, supported, purchased, and helped me achieve this Amazing Accomplishment. I couldn’t have done it without you. You know who you are.

God Bless you-Every one of you!

Also, I am deeply Grateful and filled with Appreciation beyond words to my Amazing Wife, Life & Business Partner, Michelle Renee Weihman who was by my side to make this happen together.

There are a lot of very exciting things in the works coming from Christoff J. Weihman, The Customer Experience & ASPIRE Enterprises.

I am available for interviews on podcasts, radio, television, Facebook lives, any other media to share value from The Customer Experience Cheers Everyone!

In Celebration of this accomplishment-we have marked down The Customer Experience from it’s normal price of $26.95 to only $20.00-available on my website.

Order your copy today and I will gladly sign it for you!

For International orders outside of the United States-please order on Amazon:

I appreciate All my Soupfly Readers from all over the world.

Please feel free to connect with/follow me on Social Media and to leave comments below!


Cheers & God Bless You All!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

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