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‘Golden Insights’ from Las Vegas Golden Knights President/CEO Kerry Bubolz

The BREATHE! Health & Wealth Summit held last week in Las Vegas was a huge success.  In another post I will give an overview of the highlights.
Today I would like to share with you some of the ‘Golden Insights’ that I picked up from one of our Amazing Speakers- Kerry Bubolz, the President and CEO of the Las Vegas Knights Hockey Team.
Kerry started out by stating that ‘Visibility Creates Accountability’.
What a great focus to live by and to lead by.  When an organization or an individual puts themselves out in the public eye, they must know that they are always on stage, they are always being watched and observed.  What they do sets an example for their fans, followers, peers and everyone in the community.
He said that “Everyday they-the Las Vegas Golden Knights, are playing to win.” 
That’s not just the players on game days, but everyone in the organization.  He says that they refer to every person, regardless of title, role or position as ‘Line Mates’.   What a powerful concept that not only is stated but actually is the bedrock of their culture.  Each individual is valuable and plays an important role in the success of the overall organization.
This is something that I am always driving home in my trainings.  Many times organizations are so focused on the external customer that they often, unknowingly neglect their internal customers-their team members, or Line Mates, as in the case of the Golden Knights. When we as business leaders give focus, care and attention to our internal customers, our employees and team members, they will ultimately take better care of our external customers.
When an organization adopts and really embodies this philosophy, it becomes a way of life and a way of running the business.  It then becomes evident in some of the other areas that Bubolz touched on-one of them being having a true ‘Open Door’ Policy.  He said, “I always tell people, unless my door is physically closed, my door is open.”
With that physical representation of this philosophy comes the mindset and attitude that
How refreshing to hear of an organization where this is the norm.  That certainly doesn’t mean that every idea that is proposed by any Line Mate is automatically and immediately accepted and implemented.  Of course that goes without saying.  What it does say though, it that everyone in the organization can feel that their voice can be heard.
Bubolz shared other insights that are foundational to Las Vegas Golden Knights that were quite inspiring and revealing such as:
Three Stars-
Just as at the end of every game they call out who the 3 star players were, they also carry that mentality into the business side of the organization.  They reward those who stand out, who contribute, who go above and beyond to bring value to the organization.
It would only make sense that an organization that is built around sport have FUN as a key component.  Leadership not only encourages it.  They actually pay to make it possible for them to have a Kickball Team and other fun activities for Line Mates to participate in.  As a main theme of the BREATHE! Summit where Bubolz was sharing this message was “How to maintain Work-Life Balance”  Certainly being intentional about having fun makes so much sense.  Although, I’m sure that many of us get so busy that we must be reminded and we may even need to schedule it in order for FUN to actually be a regular part of our routine.
Show off Your Hockey Smile 
I didn’t catch a picture of it, but on Kerry’s presentation slide, he had a cartoon drawing of a hockey player with a few teeth missing. What does show off your hockey smile mean?  I think it has to do with showing your love of the game, showing up as who you are and enjoying life.  Maybe I’m reading more into than what Kerry may have stated but that’s what I took from it.
The other point he mentioned regarding showing your hockey smile is that ‘You can’t fake fun’.  That is so true.  If you’re having fun, your face will show it and everyone else will know it.
Kerry then mentioned something called The Knights Code.  He didn’t go into in detail, but he did touch on these few points.
Support Your Line Mates-I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Together Everyone Achieves More.
Community is a Contact Sport & Knights Protect those who can’t protect themselves- The Vegas Golden Knights are very actively involved in the Vegas Community.  The entire organization is encouraged to get involved in nonprofits and volunteering.  Some of the projects they are involved in get reported in the media but the vast majority of them are just happening in the community without fanfare and without cameras to broadcast it.
Anyone can be a Play-off Hero 
Each person in the organization has value. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute as they use their talents and gifts. We all have the responsibility to help the team win.
The Golden Thread-If you live in Las Vegas, and even many who don’t are well aware of the awful tragedy that happened on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip.  It was an event that brought pain, heartache and suffering to our city. With the inaugural season of the Las Vegas Golden Knights it brought a sense of unity and togetherness to Las Vegas.  Kerry calls this the Golden Thread that connects us all.  Somehow this organization that lives by this Knights Code realized that they were doing more than playing a sport and giving Las Vegas something to cheer about after the sadness.  They gave the city Hope.
Thank you Kerry for gracing our stage at the BREATHE! Summit. 
Thank you to all of my Soupfly readers from all around the world.  I appreciate all of you.  I look forward to connecting in person in the near future.
**Please know that the quotes-even though in quotations, may not be exact and the explanations of Kerry’s points are my own interpretations and paraphrases.
Cheers and God Bless You!
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