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Let’s Celebrate-Soupfly is 1 Year Old!!!


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Yes, it’s been nearly a month since we’ve talked and I have Exciting, Amazing news…yesterday was Soupfly’s 1st Birthday!! 

I had had the idea, the inspiration for a blog about Service and Hospitality for quite a long time-actually for a couple years.  However, I procrastinated and procrastinated.  I had the design for the logo all set.  I had ideas for posts but it took a while to actually sit down and start it. But I finally did-one year and one day ago-on July 8, 2014.  I am so grateful and excited that I did.  Happy Birthday Soupfly!!!

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Now, one year and 50 posts later-Soupfly is known and read by people in over 70 countries!! That’s right-we have one, or two or five or ten readers in 77 countries!! That is amazing.  I am grateful and humbled knowing that.   I have always said that I love my readers.  I so appreciate all of you.  My intention is for Soupfly to continue to grow, to gain momentum and to truly be the world’s favorite Service and Hospitality Blog.  We are on our way! So, I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU  to each and every one of my readers-without you-there is no Soupfly.  I encourage you to continue reading and sharing and if you have yet to LIKE us on Facebook, I would love if you would do so.  Also, hitting the FOLLOW button at the bottom is very helpful as well.


A Huge Thank You to all the Restaurants, Businesses and Service and Hospitality Professionals who became a part of the Story of Soupfly.  Please forgive me in advance if I omit any one-it is not intentional.  Thanks to the following: Individuals that we’ve featured or mentioned-from Las Vegas: Greg Daluz of Giada Restaurant; Brian C of Bonefish Grill; Chef Rick Moonen-RX Boiler Room; Olivier De Roany, Sebastien, Chef Bruno, Alain DuCasse, Matt George, Scott and Franco-MiX Restaurat at Delano Hotel; Joe Cortes-Honey Salt; John Paul Daluz;  Kim Canteenwalla-Chef/owner of Honey Salt, Made LV;  Julie, Ryan, Rene and Brad Kleiss-Made LV;   Chef Alex Stratta-Tapas by Stratta;  Jim Kleiss, Herb Press, Alex, Jeffery-Elements; Sylvia, David, Juan, Jesus, Jennifer-TBones Chophouse; Leroy Godfrey, Joaquin Effertz-Flemings Steakhouse; George Racz and Sid-Las Vegas Distillery; Paul Femia-Las Vegas Bartenders Union; Chef Ivy Magruder-St. Louis; Chef Adam Gnau-Acero Ristorante in St. Louis; Chef Andrew Longres-Blue Stem-Kansas City; Sean McKenzie-Pierpont’s-Kansas City; Blanc Burgers and Bottles-Kansas City; Mitchell Sjerven-Bouchon Santa Barbara; Jim Edwards, Sydney Nelson-Door 222 Loveland Colorado; Crave Mall of America; Paul Graham-author of Eating Vegan in Vegas; Carey Dunn of LA; Hrair-my drycleaner in Summerlin; the staff at the Westin in Las Vegas; my friend Wolfgang Heckl.

-Special Thanks to Shaun ‘The Bartender’ Daugherty for guest blogging on Soupfly. He is the author of Extra Dry with a Twist.

All of the above people have contributed to making Soupfly’s first year it’s best year yet!!! WE Are Grateful and Excited and look forward to many more fun, inspiring, insightful posts to come.

Special Thanks to all of our Getting to WOW! Book Launch Sponsors and Hosting Restaurants:

The Crepe LV, DW Bistro, Mercadito, Whist Stove and Spirits, Flemings Steakhouse Townsquare, Honey Salt,

Crystals, Distill, Las Vegas Distillery, The Salt Room, Crafthaus Brewery, Jil-Ann Riordan, Body-Spa West, View Wine Bar, Kona Grill, Top Dog Pet Sitting, Blue Martini, Double Helix Whiskey and Wine Bar, The Dog House, King’s Fish House

Watch our short Soupfly Birthday Celebration Video here:

To Show our Appreciation for all the Support for Soupfly-We are offering my book, Getting to WOW! at the pre-order/pre-publication price of only $20.00!! (plus shipping)

To order your signed copy of Getting to WOW! at the SPECIAL SOUPFLY BIRTHDAY PRICE-GO HERE NOW:

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Giving Back-I want to remind you that we donate $3.00 to Three Square LV (Southern Nevada’s Local Food Bank) for every copy of Getting to WOW! that we sell.


If you live in Las Vegas and you have a restaurant in mind that you think deserves to be featured on Soupfly’s blog-hopefully, for good reasons, please message me and we will consider doing a story on them.  If you live outside of Las Vegas-you may also mention an establishment you have in mind to be on Soupfly-of course-it will depend upon whether or when we may be traveling to that particular city.  We want Soupfly to become more interactive and in the future there will be many more opportunities for you, our readers to participate

Guest Blogger-If you are in the Service Industry and you have some thoughts you’d like to share-We are going to begin to invite others to guest blog on Soupfly.  Contact me and we will discuss details

Service Professional of the Month-We will soon be launching our service professional of the month-This will be a Service and Hospitality Professional that exemplifies WOW! Service and exudes Excellence in all they do.  More details to come in our next post.  But in the meantime, I invite you to begin thinking about whom you would nominate for this honor.

Thanks for Reading. Please Like us on Facebook, Share us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin.

Until our next post-God Bless you and Cheers!!!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV

725 777 9900

Enjoy our Soupfly Wall of Fame:

Here’s selected pictures of various individuals and places that make up the story of Soupfly’s First Year:

wpid-20150708_201428.jpg 20150322_125412 - Copy 2015-06-11 17.30.54 20150611_171025 wpid-20150512_150944.jpg wpid-20150514_142547-1-1.jpg wpid-20150512_105159-1.jpg wpid-20150512_145125-1.jpg wpid-20150514_145308-1.jpg wpid-20150514_145402.jpg wpid-20150514_145343.jpg wpid-20150514_205050.jpg wpid-20150514_203944.jpg wpid-fullsizerender_1.jpg wpid-20150514_210420-1.jpg download (3) wpid-20150514_205115-1.jpg wpid-20150514_205417-1.jpg wpid-20150507_112827.jpg A Nurse's Prayer wpid-20150507_112923.jpg wpid-20150507_112915.jpg images download (1) wpid-20150416_195411.jpg wpid-20150416_202901.jpg wpid-20150416_203328.jpg wpid-20150405_130000.jpg wpid-20150405_125143-1.jpg wpid-20150405_133549-1.jpg download wpid-20150313_212702.jpg wpid-20150313_213001.jpg wpid-20150316_162727-1.jpg wpid-20150316_164834-1.jpg wpid-20150322_123137.jpg wpid-20150217_174806.jpg wpid-20150217_184513.jpg wpid-20150217_194725.jpg wpid-20150223_193249.jpg wpid-20150223_174852.jpg You-should-treat-every Treated like they're special Remember-that-no-matter - Copy wpid-20150307_204627.jpg wpid-20150307_230350-1.jpg wpid-20150307_224647-1.jpg wpid-20150307_212446.jpg ThreeSquare-TWCFE images (4) images wpid-20150307_125612-1.jpg wpid-20150307_224115.jpg wpid-20150305_224646.jpg wpid-20150308_171754.jpg wpid-20150308_172151.jpg wpid-20150308_171910.jpg wpid-20150218_151011-1.jpg images (3)

wpid-20150217_190208.jpg wpid-20150223_174817.jpg wpid-20150223_182015.jpg wpid-20150223_193319.jpg images (14) wpid-20150210_162852.jpg images (6) images (2) wpid-20150125_141005.jpg wpid-20150224_211638.jpg wpid-20150224_211626.jpg download (3) download (2) images (4) Made LV download crafthaus brewery salt room lv Urban Hydrogreens Devotion Vodka flemings Las Vegas Distillery whist 20150207_093009 wpid-20150124_221152.jpg wpid-20150124_234557.jpg wpid-20150125_012318.jpg images (9) images (18) images (11) wpid-20141223_151145.jpg wpid-20141213_223617.jpgwpid-20141231_225351.jpg download (6) images (4) SMS-Happy-new-year-2015 wpid-20140511_141917-1-1-1-1.jpg wpid-20140511_141917.jpg wpid-20140511_210440-1.jpg wpid-20140530_185302-1.jpg wpid-20140531_231117-1.jpg wpid-20140527_175812.jpg wpid-20140527_164641.jpg wpid-20140528_125113-1.jpg wpid-20140919_213237.jpg wpid-20140919_202609-1.jpg wpid-20140913_212648.jpg wpid-20140802_231716.jpg wpid-20140913_210557.jpg wpid-20140828_200120.jpg wpid-20140828_205408-1.jpg wpid-20140909_233006.jpg wpid-20141110_214617-1.jpg wpid-20141110_215155-1.jpg wpid-20141112_212242.jpg wpid-20141112_114813.jpg wpid-20141112_211658.jpg images (28) wpid-wp-1418956366707.jpeg wpid-20141211_172212.jpg wpid-20141128_180231.jpgimages (12)images (9)images (2)wpid-20141124_165222.jpgwpid-20141124_191016.jpgwpid-20141124_172927.jpgwpid-20141128_180342.jpgwpid-20141205_170143-1.jpgwpid-20141112_114603.jpgwpid-20141112_121944.jpgwpid-20141111_221528.jpgwpid-20141112_121952.jpgwpid-20141111_221541.jpgwpid-20141112_133223.jpgwpid-20141112_125722.jpgwpid-20141112_203530.jpgwpid-20141112_203524.jpgwpid-20141112_204313.jpgwpid-20141112_204306.jpgwpid-20141112_145048-1.jpgsafe_imageimagesimages (1)downloadwpid-20141115_085846.jpgwpid-20141115_084944.jpgwpid-20141111_193323.jpgwpid-20141111_193638.jpgwpid-20141107_145233.jpg03_paulmindownloadwpid-20141108_120905.jpgwpid-20141110_192607.jpgwpid-20141110_181630.jpgwpid-20141108_164035.jpgwpid-20141108_121506.jpgwpid-20141108_233623.jpgwpid-20141109_223611.jpg

download images (1) download (1) 20141115_111725 20141104_201901-1 20141115_085921 20141106_152045 images (9) 20141101_220605 images (6) images (2) images (3) download (3) images (4) Getting to Wow-5 20141030_161130 download (2) images (4) download (4) download (3) 51J5+PRY+2L._AA160_ images (5)unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed waitress tightrope Capture images (1) images (3)





Breaking News…Yet Another Milestone Has Been Reached!!


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I am so happy and grateful for ALL MY SOUPFLY READERS AND FOLLOWERS! Thank you and God bless you all!


Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV

725 777 9900

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