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Rivea & Skyfall; 2 Sparkling Gems




Those of us living here in Las Vegas are really quite spoiled, with amazing weather, sun nearly 300 days a year, beautiful mountains, very little traffic,  AND it is a restaurant mecca.  Las Vegas  boasts some of the finest dining destinations in the world.  Having lived here for just 3 years, Michelle and I have had the pleasure of dining at many places, both on and off the strip and yet, we still have a V-E-R-Y long list of venues to experience. Two of the places that we have had the pleasure of enjoying are  Rivea & Skyfall, the newest gems in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino’s Crown, truly shine.

Rivea- the restaurant, and Skyfall Lounge are the newest iterations of legendary French Chef, Alain Ducasse’ restaurant portfolio in Las Vegas.  They are the newly renovated and rebranded venues that replaced what previously were known as MiX Restaurant and  MiX Lounge. I devoted an entire Soupfly post to MiX in the past:

After a very successful 10 year run, MiX closed down for a handful of months last year, and after a 7 Million dollar renovation, Rivea Restaurant and Skyfall Lounge were unveiled in late September 2015.    As stunning in their decor and ambience as Rivea and Skyfall are to behold, with the Murano glass chandelier, wave tile muralled wall, the private room with lighting that matches the constellations above and having one of the best views of the Las Vegas Strip-it is the Service and Hospitality of the team that really brings the WOW! Still led by Chef Bruno and General Manager Sebastien, Rivea and Skyfall absolutely shine. Michelle and I were invited to the Grand Opening last year, we dined at Rivea for our 2nd year wedding anniversary in November and recently, last week, we attended the Vegas Legal Magazine Champagne party.

Each of the times that we’ve been to these locations, we have been absolutely amazed at the Service and Hospitality of the entire team. Now before I go any further, full disclosure, yes, I am biased, because I had the privilege of training the staff of both Rivea and Skyfall for their opening.  I shared with them the importance of Setting the Tone, of Reading the Guest, and understanding that this is a Show. The time I spent training this team was one of the best, most gratifying experiences for me, since I began doing Getting to WOW! Service and Hospitality training last year.   These young men and women were fully engaged, filled with a high level of positive energy and hungry to learn.  I shared with them that they were absolutely set up for success. I told them that they have the opportunity to be one of the best venues in the city.  If the owners invested 7 million dollars into a renovation, you can be sure that they have high expectations for success.  And that high expectation carries over to the staff.

So, perhaps you may think my vision is clouded, because I am a part of the story. True, like Sebastien said to me at the Grand Opening, that I did play a part and I can take some credit, and I am very grateful for that opportunity.  However, precisely because of that,  I’m perhaps even more critical in my assessment, because I know what they were taught and what is expected of them.

To say that this front of the house team knows how to deliver WOW! Service is a huge understatement.  This front of the house team gets it.  They resonate with a joy of serving.  They are welcoming and warm.  There is a positive energy that exudes from each of them and it is so refreshing to experience. From the hostesses that greet us at the entrance to the elevator, to the bartenders, the cocktail servers, the  servers,  the bussers, the food runners-all of them are focused on creating a great service experience for the guests.


As I’ve said before, it all starts at the top. Management leads the way to success of any establishment.  Huge credit and props go to all the leadership team from Chef Ducasse, to his executives, Yannis-(and another gentleman whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet) to the management team of General Manager Sebastien, Assistant General Manager Olivier-who recently took a new position at Atelier de Joel Robuchon (, Managers: Philip, Alejandro, Paul, Nick and Sommelier Matthew.  I congratulate each of them for their obvious dedication and commitment to creating a 5 Star Service Experience for each guest every time.  Chef Bruno and his culinary crew also, do a marvelous job creating amazing food. It is also evident that there is a true synergy between front of the house and the back of the house-the kitchen.

When Michelle and I dined at Rivea last November for our anniversary, we were overwhelmed with the welcome by almost every member of the front of the house staff.  So many of them, servers, hostesses, bussers, food runners, bartenders came by our table or greeted us on the way in or on the way out or as we walked to the restroom, saying “Congratulations”, “Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Weihman” “Thank you for dining with us” etc. Now I’m sure that most likely, Olivier or Sebastien mentioned to them in pre-shift that we were coming in and that it was our anniversary, but the sincerity and warmth with which each one congratulated us truly touched us in a positive and meaningful way.

Our food was amazing, with both gluten free choices for my wife and pesca-vegan choices for me. It was such an enjoyable, relaxed, pleasant evening. The team that served us, led by Mike, were on point and hitting the mark. Olivier came by to visit with us more than once. All around it was one of our best dining experiences here in Las Vegas.

What also was so touching was when one of the bussers, Jesus, said to me after dinner, “Christoff, You taught us in the training that it’s so important to have a servant heart in this business, and everyday when I come to work I have that in my mind. I learned so much from your training.” What an amazing feeling that was. And Jesus certainly expresses that true servant heart in his manner of relating to every guest.  We’ve witnessed it not only towards us but with all the other guests as well.

I also, teach that the desired outcome for any service experience is for the customer, the guest, to leave your establishment with a positive feeling.  Things may possibly go wrong, or there may be some Soupfly, but if the guest is greeted with a warm welcome and the team truly endeavors to create a great experience for the guest, the guest will leave happy, pleased and with a fond memory of the establishment because of the people that served him. This has been our experience each of the three times we’ve been to Rivea and Skyfall.

There is much more I could say, but I will end here with this.  I am very impressed with the team at Rivea and Skyfall.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the story.  And I encourage all of you, if you live in Las Vegas, to make a reservation and go, eat, drink, dine, experience the gem that is Rivea and Skyfall at Mandalay Bay.  Likewise, if you come to Vegas to visit, please do yourself a huge favor and put Rivea and Skyfall on your list of must dos.  You will thank me. To the Rivea/Skyfall team, I say thank you, congratulations and keep it going!

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P.S. a big thank you to Olivier De Roany, the former AGM, now at Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the MGM, for first allowing me to interview him and contributing to my book, Getting to WOW! and for connecting me with the F & B Executive team at Mandalay Bay.  Had it not been for him getting the ball rolling, I would not have had the opportunity to be “a part of the story” of Rivea and Skyfall.  Thanks Olivier!

Thanks for Reading!  I am so grateful for all my Soupfly readers from 100 plus countries around the world!

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Managers; Lead Your Team to Greatness

Welcome Back to Soupfly!

Now that the 1.5 Billion dollar Powerball Fever and Frenzy is over, we can all get back to focusing on reality. (I’m assuming that you did not win. I did not win either, but I did not play, nor did I even give it a thought.)

Today, I’d like to talk to, and about, managers, owners, operators-anyone in a leadership role.  If you are not in such a position, you may still do well to read on because what we discuss may prompt you to take action to better your situation.  Or, it may give you some food for thought that you can use in the future if, and when, you step in to the role of a manager, owner/operator.  I also hope that it will help you have a better understanding & appreciation for the role and expectations of management.


Success or Failure Always Starts at the Top

Let me start by saying that a great manager or management team (this includes the owner-if they are involved in daily operations) is absolutely one of the key factors in a restaurant’s or business’ success.  As I’ve stated many times before, it all starts at the top. If the manager is motivated, engaged, involved, caring and aware of what’s going on, then it normally follows suit that the team as a whole will also be those things…motivated, engaged, etc.

Conversely, if the manager lacks energy, is completely disengaged, unaware and spends most of their time in the office, then the team is going to suffer and the customers as well.  The team members who are naturally self-motivated, self starters who take initiative, will continue to do so, and they are usually the ones that managers depend upon.  Your A players make you, the manager, look good.  But this can only last for so long. After a period of time-even your star players, those who do care, are going to either stop caring because they see that you don’t, or they’ll keep going until one day they just can’t take it anymore and they’ll leave.  The rest of the staff,-the non-A players,  will do the bare minimum, not take initiative, lack energy and self-motivation, and eventually become the downfall of the organization. However, the failure of the business can be traced directly back to the manager or management team.

If you’ve been following me and/or Soupfly for any amount of time, you know that my wife, Michelle and I go out for dinner, drinks, happy hour etc. quite often. Well,  this past Holiday Season it seemed that we went out considerably more than normal. Hey, it’s the holidays, right?  Time to celebrate and enjoy life.  We experienced dinner, happy hour etc. at at least a dozen different places.  Some on the Las Vegas Strip, some in Summerlin where we live.  Some upscale and others very low key and casual.

During each of those different outings I was very aware of  the variety and difference of the management from one place to the next.  At some of those restaurants, like Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian Churrascaria, the management presence was evident.  They walked the floor, greeted and seated guests and were very involved in the service operation. The entire team exudes an overall warmth and friendliness.  That is very refreshing and in itself can override any potential Soupfly that may occur.  I attribute this positive energy to the management team.  You staff will follow the tone that you set.

At Andiron Steak and Sea, where we dined for New Year’s Eve Masquerade dinner, as we entered we were  greeted by Andrew, the manager, and the very friendly host team. Moments later, we were greeted yet again and quite exuberantly  by Stephen, the G.M. Shortly after being seated, our good friend and manager, Joe, was at our tableside pouring champagne.  All this attention certainly made us feel welcome.  After a couple initial hiccups, (which we brought to Stephen’s attention) were ironed out, everything went smoothly from that point on.  Was everything perfect?  No, but it started well and ended well.  And the team, led by our server, Richard (I believe that is his name) did a great job.  Again, the smoothness of the service flow is due greatly to the leadership of the management team.


Restaurants like Andiron, that have a strong management team who are engaged and involved, tend to have staff that are equally engaged and who take ownership of the service they deliver. This is the type of establishment that I most enjoy going to where we are warmly welcomed but the service doesn’t end there. When a manager sets expectations of their staff, and they themselves are also involved in the execution of them, success is sure to be in their future. Or present, even.

Contrast the above examples with two other fine dining steakhouses that we dined at recently where the scene was quite the opposite.  At one, no manager was present on the floor, although she was at the host stand. But even there her demeanor seemed quite aloof and uninviting.  And at the other place, the manager was present on the floor but seemingly unaware and unengaging.   From time to time he walked through, but never once stopped to greet or acknowledge a guest.  This can be a bit annoying for the guest sometimes. It’s as if the manager is watching the room but afraid to just smile at and acknowledge his guests.


I’ve been told by more than a couple managers that they don’t need to “babysit” their staff.  They say they have competent staff who know what they’re doing.  That may be the case, however, being present as a manager during the operation of your business does not mean that you don’t trust your staff.  On the contrary, it shows to the customer that you care.  As the staff is doing their job, competently, this frees you up to be able to engage your customers and show that you appreciate their business and connect with them. As a manager, or owner/operator, wouldn’t you want to know who your customers are?  Or is it just enough that they are here dining now?  With so many different choices for the dining public or for that matter, any type of business, if a customer continues to feel unwelcome or unappreciated, that customer will eventually or soon take his business elsewhere.  Unfortunately, at least in restaurants, many times the only time a manager makes an appearance to a guest is if there’s a complaint.  That’s not the best way to meet your customers.  Being a manager should mean more than putting out fires and recovering from Soupflies.

The job, expectations and responsibilities of a manager are vast and almost innumerable.  Being a manager, while those not in the position may think it’s glamorous with many a perk, in reality,  is very stress-filled, under appreciated, and often (until a certain level is reached)  underpaid. So, I truly appreciate all that the position entails.  I respect and admire those who do it well.  They shine.  They also empower their team to shine and it’s a beautiful thing.  And this holds true in any industry, not only in the restaurant business.

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Being a manager in any industry is replete with great responsibility, and with that also is great opportunity.  You, as the manager-even if you are not at the top  of the management totem pole at your establishment, can effect great success for your team and the business as a whole.  You must, however, embrace it, the good with the challenges.

You must realize that you are a leader.  So, if that be the case.  The question I have for you is: Where or to what are you leading your team?  Do you have a plan, a strategy to lead your team to greatness, to success in 2016?  Or are you a leader without a title and you plan to lead your peers to greatness by example?  The world is looking for and longing for great leaders.  Customers are hoping for and expecting the companies they do business with, where they spend their hard earned money, to be led by managers and operators who truly care about their customers and engage them.  If you do that it can only help your business grow and succeed.  It will make your team feel more confident, your customers will like you more and you will feel great about yourself.

In 2016 let this be the year that you step into your greatness.  If you are a manager, you are in this position for a reason.  I applaud you, I encourage you to embrace your position and all that goes with it and choose today to lead your team to success.  And I know that, to quote Joel Osteen,  “You can, you will”

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Elevating Service and Hospitality,


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Goals-2016, or Waiting for the Lottery?

Welcome Back to Soupfly!

Happy 2nd week of January!! I trust that you are focusing on, and staying disciplined in, achieving the goals you set for 2016.  However, with Powerball Fever taking over much of the United States, (everybody and their sister are confident that they are going to win the 1.5 Billion dollar jack pot) it seems a lot of people are planning on what they would do with their winnings, rather than thinking about goals or resolutions they made barely 2 weeks ago.  If that’s you, I would like to encourage you to stay on track.  Maybe you’ve not been  quite as disciplined as you hoped.  But remember it’s not only that January is the start of a new year, but each day is NEW.

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So, start fresh.  Set some goals and stick to them. Set small goals  If you fall behind, set a time to catch up and get back on track.  For example, I have a goal to read a total of 40 books this year.  That’s an average of 3 a month plus 4 more.  I have my 3 books selected for January but I’m barely half way through the first.  I will however catch up on the weekends and read more. I Will read my 3 books for the month of January.  Same with going to the gym and working out.  I have a goal of working out 20 times/month.  Well, thus far, I’ve only been to the gym 4 times.  So, do I just get discouraged, demotivated and quit?  Absolutely not! I find time, I make time.  At this rate I would have to go to the gym every single day that’s left in the month to accomplish this goal.  Possible? Yes.  Realistic? NO.  But even if I end the month and accomplish only 80% or 70% of my goal, at least I’m making progress.  Then next month I’ll do better.

You may be asking, what does all this goal talk have to do with Service and Hospitality?  Very simple.  You, as a Service Professional need to have goals for yourself this year. Maybe this is the year that you invest in your education.  Perhaps you want to take a sommelier course.  Or learn more about beer.  Become a cicerone. Or go on a trip to the country of the cuisine that your restaurant sells. What are you going to do to better yourself as a Service Professional?  Maybe read a book that can inspire, motivate and equip you to up your service game.

If you are an owner, operator, manager, I hope that you actually have goals for your business, and your team.  The sad truth though, is that such a very small percentage of people, business owners and managers, set goals for their business.  Again, let me be the voice of exhortation and encouragement.  You MUST set goals for your team.

What is your plan to make your establishment stand out among the sea of competitors?  What are you going to do differently this year?  What are you going to do to be better?

If you are like many, you just made it through the super busy holiday season, you feel like you can breath for a few minutes. However, here January came and you just kept doing what you’ve been doing.  Status quo. Another day, another month, another year. Just a different date on the calendar.

So, again, I ask you.  Is 2016 going to be any different for your business and your team?
Take advantage of the New Year.  Most people are in a mindset of being ready for a change. Your team wants you to lead them to greatness. If you invest in your team and show that you care about their growth and the growth of the business, I guarantee that your staff will begin to show that they care more.

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Have you gathered your team together, either right at the end of the year, (highly unlikely-because you were so busy with the holidays) or right at the beginning of the year and congratulated them on the job they did last year?  Did you show appreciation and acknowledgement (regardless of whether it was a successful year or not) ?  Have you told them, “this is a new year and here’s our plan for 2016”?  Have you decided to elevate your level of Service and Hospitality?  Have you made a decision to really rise above your competition?  Have you decided to become the best that you can be?  To build better teamwork, to have more clear communication with your staff?

When you look back on this year, 2016, 12 months from now, what do you want to feel?  What do you want to have accomplished with your team?  What do want people to say about your place of business?  Maybe your business could use a little help in boosting it’s positive reputation.  Maybe you could use more 4 and 5 star reviews and less of those lower scores.  Maybe you need to lose some dead weight.  Yes, there’s honor in loyalty but just because someone has been with you forever, doesn’t mean that they are doing their job properly and consistently.

Whatever your answers are to the above questions, I do wish for you that 2016 becomes a stellar year for your business, your team and you personally.  If I may be of assistance to you in any way, please feel free to contact me.  I would love to work together with you and your team to elevate your level of Service and Hospitality.

The Success of your business is directly and indirectly linked to the level of Service and Hospitality that you and your team provide to your guests.



It really is very simple:

Elevated Service=Happy Loyal Customers=Growing Positive Reputation=Increased Business=Happy, Well Paid, Engaged Employees=Happy Owners/Management.

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Elevating Service &  Hospitality,

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Teaming up with Ravi Shukle-UK Customer Service Expert

Welcome Back to Soupfly!!

images (6)

I am so excited and grateful to be teaming up with an Amazing Customer Service Expert from the UK, Ravi Shukle, for our very first Blab. (Blab is a live streaming platform on Twitter-kind of like Google Hangouts)

We’ll be discussing How to Create 5 Star Service in 2016.  This will be a fun, exciting, engaging and inspiring 30-45 minutes of great content with techniques and strategies you can immediately apply in your business.


Tuesday, January 12, at 1 pm PST-Pacific Standard Time

You can listen, You can join in the Conversation.


What a fantastic way to start the year. Decide today to make Service and Hospitality/Customer Service, as the Number 1 Priority in your business. Rise Above the Competition and Elevate Your Customer Service Today!!

See you on Tuesday, January 12, at 1pm PST!!

Thanks for Reading!

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Cheers and May You Make 2016 a Spectacular Year for your customers, your business and you!!

Elevating Service and Hospitality,

Christoff J. Weihman

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Happy New Year from Soupfly!!

Happy New Year 2016!  AND Welcome back to Soupfly!

We’ve been away for a while but now we are back and  filled with a renewed excitement, enthusiasm and positive energy for the New Year.  I hope that you are as well.  We had a fantastic fun time over the Holidays, lots of dining out and drinking out, celebrating with family, friends and business associates.   Lots of meeting wonderful restaurant managers and industry professionals.


I am very grateful for all the amazing people that I met in the course of my Big December Goal-so many managers with open hearts and open minds. I say open hearts because many of them, when I mention that we donate a portion of our sales to Three Square LV (our local foodbank) they immediately are interested in purchasing a copy of my book, Getting to WOW!  I say open minds, because many of them desire to learn more about how to improve their customer service.

Although we did not hit our goal of selling 200 copies, we did sell 67 copies in December.  For every copy we donate $3.00 to Three Square and they stretch every dollar to provide 3 meals for the food insecure people in our community.  AND for the month of December they had matching funds, which means that our check that we presented will actually be double.  We were blessed to be able to give $312.00 which doubled equals $624.00!! Multiply that times 3 meals/ dollar and that equals 1872 meals!! And my target goal was to sell enough books that we would provide 1800 meals.  So, with the matching funds, we actually surpassed our goal!!!

So, I must say thank you to each one of you that bought a copy or two or three or more of my book, Getting to WOW! in the month of December-you are the reason that we were successful in reaching our goal! Thank you and may you be blessed.  In addition, I do know that you will be blessed, inspired and motivated as you read Getting to WOW! and begin to apply what you learn.  The principles therein will truly help you and your team to elevate your level of Service and Hospitality.

End of the Year Update

So, here we are at the start of a New Year.  2016.  I don’t know how 2015 was for you.  For me it was amazing. It was a year of many firsts. 2015 saw the start of me becoming a published author, with the release of my first book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.  I started my company, ASPIRE Enterprises, a Service and Hospitality Training and Consulting company.  I had the great privilege and opportunity to begin sharing the message and the principles of WOW! Service and Hospitality. It started small-first through our free seminars. I am reminded of the words of one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard, who says “Never let your small business keep you small minded.”

Next, we began to get hired by locally owned restaurants and corporate establishments. I was given the opportunity to speak at the Bartenders Union for 4 classes twice this year to a total of about 300 bar professionals.  That was really a fun experience.   And then, after 6 months of meetings and waiting, we had the amazing opportunity to train the front of the house staff at Rivea and Skyfall, the newest restaurant and lounge at the top of Mandalay Bay.  The team was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  This group really wanted to learn and they knew that they have an incredible gift to be chosen to work at this amazing new Alain Ducasse restaurant. It was a wonderful experience.

A few weeks later we were invited to the Grand Opening.  What a joy to experience the upbeat positive attitude and welcome of the staff who are putting into practice the principles of WOW!  When we returned to Rivea in November,  to celebrate our anniversary we were again equally impressed with our experience.  Rivea and Skyfall have some of the highest customer satisfaction scores of all the MGM properties in Las Vegas.  I am humbled and excited to have played a small  part in that.

We also did a presentation for about 30 of the F & B Executive/Management Team of Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, which was very well received.   I was delighted and humbled by that opportunity.  We are looking forward to being of service and bringing value to them on a larger scale in 2016.

Goals for 2016   

2015 was truly a wonderful year.  Now it’s over.  Time to start fresh. So, how about you, do you have grand plans, lofty ambitions, great big goals for 2016?  For yourself personally?  If you have not yet planned your year and set down your goals on paper, I strongly encourage you to do so.  An idea in your head is not a goal.  Even a strong intention is not a goal.  And you can’t achieve goals if you don’t have a plan.  So, do yourself a favor and take some time this week, before you get to far along into your regular routine and schedule.  Figure out what you desire for this year. Write it down. Make some plans. Take some action.  If you plan to finally write that book, go buy yourself a nice notebook and set a time to sit down and begin writing.  Just start. Whatever your goal is -take some action toward accomplishing it. And stick to it.  That’s for yourself personally.  How about for your business?

If you work in the Service and Hospitality industry-what are your goals for 2016?  If you are a restaurant owner, manager or F & B Executive-what are your grand plans for this year?  Are you just going about ‘business as usual’ and hoping that this year will be better than last?

Rise Above the Competition this Year


How are you going to stand out from the competition this year?  What are you going to do to rise above the rest?  There are new restaurants opening up all the time.  Sadly, though there are new restaurants closing down all the time.  This is an insanely competitive industry.    May I suggest, that you must have a plan, a strategy, for delivering Service and Hospitality at an elevated level than what you have been.

One of the main reasons that many, even most businesses, DO NOT deliver 5 Star or WOW! Service is because they have no plan or strategy.  Are you merely hoping that your staff provides 5 Star Service? It’s not going to happen by accident. Or maybe it will. But it won’t be consistent.  Is that what you want for your business?

Management Makes the Difference

My wife, Michelle and I did a lot of dining out over the past month and a half and I’ll tell you we saw the full gamut of types of service.  We experienced the good and the bad and a lot of the mediocre.  Not good, not bad.  Just ok.  We had experiences at establishments where the managers were helping man the host stand, bussing tables, greeting guests, touching tables.  So, refreshing to see and experience.  Then, we went to many places where no manager was to be found.  On a very busy night during the holiday season.  No visible manager presence. This is all too common.  My friends, it all starts at the top.  If the manager doesn’t care and is too busy doing paperwork, sitting in the office, then how would they expect their staff to care?

We’ve been to some places recently where there was a change in management and it made a visible difference in the service, the quality of food, the attitude of the staff and the overall experience.

Let’s make 2016 the year that you plan for your business success by planning for your Service and Hospitality.  Want business to grow?  Elevate the level of Service and Hospitality and they will come. You want increased revenue?  Happy customers who feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door until the moment thy leave will often stay longer and spend more.  And next time they come back they will bring people with them. They will market for you.

Do you want happy, engaged, loyal employees?  If so, then, provide training for them to them to be equipped to deliver higher levels of service and hospitality. Rather than just telling and expecting them to do better, you must lead the way as a servant leader.  Set the example.  If you invest in your staff, in training and providing the tools they need to do their job better, they will perform better.  They will care more.  They will feel like you are all in this together.  And you are.

It’s your choice.  You can decide right now at the beginning of the year to make this the year that you and your team rise above the competition.  Become the best you can be.  Make 2016 the year you consistently WOW! your customers.  5 Star Service will lead to 5 Star Reviews, which will lead to increased business, increased profits, increased exposure, etc. Let this be you goal.

My goal is to be of service and bring value to as many of you that are interested, open and willing.

ASPIRE Enterprises stands for Advancing Service Performance, Inspiring Restaurant Excellence.  That’s what we do.  Inspire, Motivate and Equip People to Passionately Deliver WOW! Service.

Let me know if I may be of service. It would be my honor and privilege to work with you and your team and bring WOW! Service and Hospitality Training to you.

By the way, I have been invited to be a guest speaker for the annual convention of the National Association of Customer Service in Orlando, this May.  And in February, I’ll be the guest speaker for the Las Vegas chapter of the Wedding Industry Professionals Association. Getting to WOW! is not just for restaurants.  It’s going to be a spectacular year.

I wish you all the best!!

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