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Thoughts on My Journey to Becoming a Published Author-Part 2



A lot has been happening the past week and a half.  First, I was thrilled to go to the post office and send off the first copies of my book, Getting to WOW! to my 50 pre-order customers!  What a fantastic feeling-now that my book is done, to start getting it into people’s hands.  I want to share this content with people who can use it and gain value from it.

As I mentioned, starting February 2, we will be having our 30 day Book Launch which will include a wide variety of events.  As of this moment, we have 6 tentative locations where we will be holding Getting to WOW! book events.  As soon as the dates and locations are confirmed, I will share that information here.

Partnering with Local Charity.  I relayed in our recent post that we are partnering with Southern Nevada’s local foodbank, Three Square for all Las Vegas, Launch Events.  We Will be donating $3.00 to Three Square from every book sale during our 30 day Launch.  Our goal is to sell 1000 books during that first 30 day period.  So, in addition to getting a great book with very helpful, informative and positive content, anyone who purchases during that time will also be contributing to a very worthy cause.


This past Saturday, we had our official Getting to WOW! Book Release Party and it was a grand success.  I am so thankful for all the support of those who attended to celebrate the release of the book.  We had a great group of people from a variety of industries represented.




Also in attendance was  Jorge, a former patient of my wife, Michelle, from the hospital, who presented her with a letter sharing his gratitude for her kind, caring service and nursing him back to health.



A couple of the people that I interviewed for the book, Greg DaLuz and Christopher Moore were present as well.  Now that the Release Party is over the Focus is on the Launch.


I am happy and grateful to share with you that I have already received my first positive review on Amazon.  And it’s a 5 Star review!

One of my pre-order customers, Al Danklefsen wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars The New Manual for Hospitality, January 25, 2015
This review is from: Getting to WOW!: Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service (Paperback)
Getting to WOW! is engaging and relatable to service and sales in any industry. This book is a good read and will make you want to buy a copy for every server and restaurant you visit. This book is the new manual for any restaurant and any organization who wants to provide five star service, build customers and distinguish themselves from the competition. After reading this book you will never look at a menu or your server the same way again. I highly recommend it.
Thanks, Al.
Now all of you who have received your copy of Getting to WOW! I would like to request that you go to Amazon and write an honest review of the book.  Of course a 5 Star review would be great but I really am eager to hear from all of you your thoughts on the book.  I thank you all in advance.
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Thoughts on My Journey to Becoming a Published Author
I have learned so much along this journey to becoming a published author-some were easy lessons.  Others, not so easy.  I will say first that seeing my dream finally become a reality is such an amazing, invigorating, uplifting feeling.  Yes it took 6 plus years but who cares?  Now I have a published book available to serve and help others.  Now, I can say that I’m a published author.  I am truly grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned along the way.
1. Don’t Allow Perfectionism Prevent You from Action
People who have a tendency towards perfectionism, also can tend to let that get in the way of actually getting things done.  I don’t like having mistakes in my work.  While, I do think it’s important that we strive for a standard of excellence sometimes we can let that desire for excellence become an obstacle to actually doing the thing.  Having a perfectionism mentality can hinder a person from taking the first steps towards their goal.  I had the idea of starting this blog, Soupfly for a couple years.  I spent time working on  a logo design and focused on that  but was hesitant to actually sit down and start writing.  I wanted it to be right.  I wanted it to be great.  Same with the book, Getting to WOW!, I wanted it to be an excellent piece of work.  And I do believe it is, however, I also know that there are  mistakes in it.  Am I happy about the mistakes? NO.  But it was more important to get the work done and out there.  Even authors that have written multiple books have misspelled words, or grammatical mistakes.  But they get their work done and share it so that others can benefit from it.
There’s a great saying “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”  Don’t allow your perfectionism prevent you from taking action.  Set a goal, make a plan and then begin.  If your content is good, people will forgive your misspelled, mispronounced words and other mistakes.
2.  Get Perspective -When you are in the middle of a project, like writing a book, or some other creative endeavor, you must realize that things take time.  As long as you’ve begun the process, you have to have some perspective and know that it’s a process, it’s a journey, this is going to take time.  It doesn’t take everyone 6 1/2 years to write a book, but whatever creative project you are engaged in don’t beat yourself up because it’s taking time.  Set your sight on the goal and begin to move towards it.
3.  Make Regular Progress -If you are working on a dream project, a goal,  a creative venture of some sort, maybe daily life doesn’t allow you to put time into it everyday.  But maybe you can set aside time once or twice a week.  In order to bring it to fruition, you’ll have to have some regularity or schedule of time that you put into accomplishing your project.  For me this usually meant at least every weekend, I would strive to set aside some time to write.  While others were doing ‘fun things’, my focus was on getting my book done. Or at least making progress on it.
4.  Celebrate Your Mini-Successes -If you are engaged in a project that takes a considerable amount of time, in addition to being focused on the end goal, (for me it was-getting my book done and then published) you must also break it down to mini goals and each time you accomplish one of those-celebrate.  If I didn’t see that I was making regular progress along the way and I was only waiting until I accomplish the main goal of getting the book done, then I could easily gotten frustrated, discouraged and given up.  Instead, I had numerous mini-goals along the way.  For example, when I was interviewing  people for the book, completing each one of them was a mini-success.  Figuring out the format of the book, was a mini-success, as was coming up with the subtitle, etc.  Celebrating your mini-successes will continue to fan the flame, and fuel your motivation to continue on your journey.
Whatever you’ve been dreaming, planning, intending to do, I encourage you to start today.  Make 2015 your Best Year Yet!
I want to Thank you for reading.  And once again, we have readers from some new countries.  Soupfly welcomes new readers from: U.S. Virgin Islands, Vanautu, Solomon Islands & Oman!
Thank you all for your continued support.  Please Like & Share on Facebook and your other favorite Social Media. And I would greatly appreciate if you would hit the Follow button-you will receive an email alert when a new serving of Soupfly is posted.
God bless you all & Cheers!
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Christoff J. Weihman              
Las Vegas, NV



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It’s Official-We will be partnering with Southern Nevada’s local foodbank-Three Square for our Getting to WOW! Book Launch.  Our Official Launch of Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service will start on February 2, 2015 and run thru March 3, 2015.  During that time, for every copy of Getting to WOW! that is sold locally (Las Vegas area) we will be donating a portion of the revenue to Three Square.


We are currently in the process of scheduling, planning, confirming various events for the Launch.  These will take place all over the Las Vegas area and in many forms, happy hours, trivia nights, wine tastings etc.


If you live in Las Vegas and would like to participate in such events or would like to sponsor an event at your location, please contact ASPIRE Enterprises at the number below.  We welcome your support and participation!  What a great opportunity-Support a New Local Author and Contribute to  a Charity.  Truly, Everybody does WIN! with 5 Star Service!

Part 2 of My Thoughts on My Journey to Becoming a Published Author will be forthcoming in the next couple days!

Soupfly would like to warmly welcome readers from the following new countries: ISRAEL, CAPE VERDE, JAPAN, BRAZIL, SURINAME, PORTUGAL, HONG KONG, KAZAKHSTAN, MEXICO, MALAYSIA!!!  I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL MY READERS!  PLease keep reading, Sharing and Following Soupfly.  If you have not yet liked us on Facebook, I encourage you to do so.


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If you would like a copy of Getting to WOW! please go here to order:

For orders outside of the U.S. please go to your Amazon online in your country.

Thank you all for reading!

God Bless you and Cheers!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV

725 777 9000

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Well, it’s January 14, and I am keeping my commitment to bring you Soupfly posts more often and  in smaller bites-sorry,this one is not short.  Today I would like to share with you some thoughts that I have learned along my journey to becoming a published author.  Are these specifically relating to Service and Hospitality?  No, but I do believe and hope that maybe I can be an inspiration to some of you, no matter what industry or profession you find yourself in.

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First let me just take a moment to say-Woohoo!  Yahoo! I am so excited and happy that my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service is not only available for purchase, but I also received my first shipment of books from UPS to my door yesterday!  What an exhilerating feeling it was to open that first box of books.  See video below.  As I’ve mentioned a couple times here, I have been working on this book for over 6 years!  And this is not a 500 or 1000 page treatise or a War and Peace type novel.  This book is only 242 pages.  But yes it took 6 1/2 years!  But guess what?  NOW IT’S DONE.  Now I can bring this information and content to people who will value and benefit from it.


I began writing this book because I felt that I had information of value to share with Professionals in the Service and Hospitality industry.  I also desired to shine on a positive light on the profession seeing that the general public tends to not regard very highly people who work in the service industry.  In fact there is a very common false notion that people who are servers or bartenders are people that are not quite as educated, or for some reason aren’t able to get hired at a “real job”.  Let me just put that notion to rest and say that those who work in the Service Industry are often very educated, not only with college degrees but also with common knowledge, and real world life experience.

I truly enjoyed and sometimes miss my days of serving, however, I actually got out of the business so I could have my nights and weekends free and so I could focus my time on writing Getting to WOW!  I believed (and still do, of course) that I can be of greater service to a larger amount of people, by writing and sharing my knowledge.  It has been a most exciting, wonderful journey from inception of the idea-the day when I said to myself, “I”m going to write a book for the Service and Hospitality Industry”, to the day when it was finished, published and available for sale.  That is, the day that it-my dream, became an actual reality.  I have learned many valuable lessons along the way, some which I’d like to briefly share here with you.

These are not in any particular order or format.  Just thoughts on what I’ve learned.

* DREAM IT, BELIEVE IT & BE POSITIVE-Certainly, anyone who even knows me, even a little, will attest that I am a Positive Minded person.  That is definitely one of my best qualities, that, and my good looks, of course.  (And my humility)  Ever since I had the idea to write a book, I imagined myself as an author.  I believed it.  I kept a positive mindset.  I did not listen to the naysayers-Ok, maybe I listened but only briefly.  I am of the mind that, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  What about you?  What’s your dream, your grand goal, heart’s desire?  Have you always dreamed of becoming an author, starting a band, becoming a famous painter, traveling the world, starting a charitable foundation, opening your own business, trying out for American Idol???  What is your dream?  Have you written it down on paper?  Brainstormed it?

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*YOU DON’T NEED PERMISSION-Look, nobody from Hay House, or Harper and Collins or Wiley, or any other publisher-big or otherwise, contacted me and said, “Hey Christoff, we think you should write a book.  You’d make a great author.  Here’s a bunch of money for you to go do it.”  NO, it did not happen like that.  And you, know, it probably isn’t going to happen for you in that manner either.  If you have the dream, you have the vision, you don’t need your family, your friends or anyone in authority to deem you ready to go do it.  You just have to realize that if the dream is inside you-it’s there for a reason.  You just need to start.  I had the idea for the book and I just started scribbling notes, writing ideas.  Two of my favorite things in the world are notebooks and pens.  If I have them then I can start creating,  I can start making something happen.  How about you-what do you need to start? If you’re waiting for permission-you have it.

images (12)images (13)positive-thinking-quotes

*LET YOUR ADMIRATION TURN INTO INSPIRATION-I’ve always been a reader, a lover of books and I’ve always respected and honored authors.  Often, when I would be reading a favorite author, like Dr. Wayne Dyer, or Jack Canfield, or any of  a myriad of others, I would admire them, and just be grateful for the knowledge and information that they share that has helped thousands and even millions of people.  But then I would allow that admiration  to turn into inspiration. I would think to myself. “Why can’t I do that?  Why can’t I become a famous author that positively effects the minds and lives of people arount the world?” Answer-I can.  So can you.  Find or model someone who is successfully doing what you want to do, become and allow them to be a motivation and an inspiration for you to pursue your Grand Dream.

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These are just a few thoughts of things I’ve learned along my journey.  I’ll share more in Part 2.  I hope this has been of benefit and that this has served you.

Finally, Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have ordered a copy of Getting to WOW!, who have encouraged me, motivated me, pushed me and inspired me to reach this goal.  You all have been a part of my journey.  Now a new part of the journey begins of getting my message out there, sharing this knowledge and information to others who can appreciate and benefit from it.

We’ll be having an Official Getting to WOW! Book Launch for 30 days, from February 2-March 3, 2015.  Details to be coming soon.

Please Like our New Facebook Page, and Like and Share on Social Media.

God bless you all and Cheers!

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Christoff J. Weihman

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Soupfly Hits a Milestone!


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Although it’s cold pretty much all across the US, things are really starting to heat up at Soupfly!  As I mentioned here on Saturday, my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service, IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM.  I am so happy, grateful and excited!

So, now you have a choice-you may order your copy through any of the following channels:

My website:

Or through the book website:

Or through the Getting to WOW! Facebook page/

Or on  The book is already $27.50 on Amazon.

It’s still on the introductory price of only $20.00 on my sites,  but that will change in a few hours, later today.  So, I encourage you to go NOW to order your copy at one of my sites.



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NEXT, I WANT TO SHARE THAT  TODAY IS THE BEST DAY OF SOUPFLY, SINCE IT’S INCEPTION BACK IN JULY OF LAST YEAR!  WE HIT A MILESTONE WITH SURPASSING 100 HITS FOR THE DAY!!! (and it’s still early in the day).  Also, we have received 3200 plus total hits since starting.  Yahoo!


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I encourage you all to keep Sharing on Social Media.  SOUPFLY readers are the best!

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God Bless You all and Cheers!

Christoff J. Weihman

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This one’s going to be short and sweet-very sweet! It’s official-I’m a published author!  My book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service is NOW Available on!  That includes for International orders!


If you live in the United States-you can still order your copy of Getting to WOW! through my website for only $20.00.  Monday morning the price will go up to the normal list price of $28.95-still a great value.  But if you’d like to take advantage of the intro price please do so by Sunday January 11, 2015.




Starting February 1, we will begin a 30 day Official Book Launch.  This will include live events, book signings, as well as online events.  We will be partnering with some charities to give a portion of the revenue to.  Details are still forthcoming.  We will also be seeking media exposure.  This is where you can help, if you know of or are connected with any form of media, radio, television, print, online-podcasts, etc.  I would greatly appreciate your support and invitation to be interviewed and share valuable content from Getting to WOW! 


These 3 Industry Luminaries have endorsed Getting to WOW!-Alex Stratta, Rick Moonen, Kim Canteenwalla-Thank you!

images (4)download (6)images (5)

If you work in the Service and Hospitality industry in any capacity-this book is for you!  If you would like to participate/support any of our events during the Launch-please contact me for more information.


I am so happy and grateful for all your support and encouragement!  You are all amazing!  If you have preordered a copy-books will be arriving to me in Las Vegas in one week, I will sign them all and then send or deliver them to you (if you live in Las Vegas)

Lastly, a big SoupflyHello and Welcome to our readers from these new countries: Korea, China and Columbia!!

Thanks for the continued support.

Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!!

God bless you all and Cheers!

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Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV 




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I hope that all of you had a safe, fun celebration, enjoying time with your loved ones over the holidays!  But more importantly, I pray that 2015 is your Best Year Ever-in every way possible!


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2014 was a fantastic year and a great start for Soupfly-and now we plan to knock it up-not just a notch-but many, many notches!  I hope that each of you welcomed in the New Year with goals and dreams for yourself personally and professionally.  The great thing about a New Year is-that it’s a New Year.  I know it sounds simple and it is.  What’s great about it is that we get to start a fresh, start anew.  You can make 2015 whatever you want it to be.


I don’t make resolutions.  I stopped making them years ago.  That might be surprising to some of you.  You might be saying-“Doesn’t everyone make resolutions?”  Yes, it’s true that people all over the world make resolutions each New Year’s Eve-“I’m going to lose weight.”  “I’m going to be nicer to people.”  “I’m going to go on a vacation.”  “I’m going to spend more time with my kids.”  “I’m going to eat more soup.”  Whatever it might be.  The problem is that everybody makes resolutions when  the excitement and emotion of the New Year is upon us, but within a couple weeks or a few months at most, the business of life takes over and excuses arise and the resolutions are soon forgotten or at least put on the back burner.  My suggestion-skip the resolutions.

images (3)Carl-Bard-800x600images (2)

Instead of resolutions-I set goals.  I set goals and then I create action plans with specific steps to do so I can accomplish those goals.  Am I saying that I always accomplish all my goals?  No, but I’m getting much better at it.

Soupfly’s Goals for 2015

Currently, Soupfly has readers from over 50 countries!  I am so happy and grateful for all  my readers. One goal I have for 2015 is to increase the number of countries of our readers  to 100!  Also, we intend to increase our number of Followers to at least 1000!  That is no small feat-as most of our readers are not yet Followers-you can help us by hitting the Follow button below.  By following, you will receive an email each time a fresh serving of Soupfly is served.

Another goal I have is to post more often less lengthy posts.  I know you are all busy and I want you to be excited each time there is a new post.  So, with that in mind-I’ll be posting twice a week and my goal is to keep each post under 1000 words.  Yay!

In fact, in 2014 I accomplished more goals, both personally and professionally, than any other year in a long, time.  I recommend that you think about  areas of your life that you want to effect improvement in, and instead of resolutions-set goals.  There is a much greater chance of you accomplishing your goals if you write them down rather than just keeping them in your head.  Mark Victor Hansen who is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, says to “Think it and ink it.”  Somehow I don’t think he’s referring to getting a tattoo.  He also says,  “What you think about, you bring about.”


A lot of people say-I don’t need to write my goals down.  I know what they are.  You may know what they are but until you put it down on paper it’s just  a wish, a hope.  Once you have your goals written down-you can then begin to formulate specific action steps that over time, if you follow them, will lead to you successfully accomplishing your goals.

Wherever you are in your life, your career, your business, your personal development, my desire for you is that this year becomes the year that all your dreams, plans and goals are accomplished and come true!

I want to recommend a great book for you, Joel Osteen’s You Can, You Will-the title says it all. Start your year with the right encouragement and motivation to reach the new heights that you know are possible.

download (2)


AS you all know, my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service is still available for the pre-order introductory price of only $20.00 (US domestic orders only).  This price increases after this week. Soon to be available internationally as well on Amazon!


Getting to WOW! Book Launch-Coming Soon

In about 2 weeks-ish, we will be starting our official launch of Getting to WOW!  There will be signings, live events, online events, media appearances and more!  WE are still planning and prepping for this.  The Launch will run for at least 30 days, perhaps longer.  If you are interested in being involved in some capacity, if I may be of service to speak at your event, or on your radio, tv station to share about WOW! Service and Hospitality-please feel free to contact me.   You may leave a message in the comment section or on the book’s website.

You can go here to pre-order your own (signed by the author)  copy of Getting to WOW!

If you are in the Service and Hospitality industry-in any position, or you sell to, or serve-customers, clients, patrons, guests or employees in any capacity-then this book-

Getting to WOW! is for you!

I am very excited and proud to bring to you this book which I have worked on for over 6 1/2 years!  I hope that it serves you in helping you become a better Service and Hospitality Professional or a better ____________ Professional.

The book launch is only the beginning of amazing, exciting plans we have for 2015.  I am so honored, grateful and happy for all of your support, encouragement and motivation.   I love my SOUPFLY readers!  Please Like on Facebook

I hope you all are ready for 2015-SOUPFLY IS.  


God Bless you all and Cheers!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV



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