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It’s Official; NCSA Las Vegas Chapter has ‘Set Sail’!

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I am honored and grateful to report that this past week, we finally officially launched the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Customer Service Association!! We held our inaugural meeting on January 26 with 9 people present at  the newly opened Americana Restaurant in Desert Shores. .  A number of industries were represented by our small group including; Real Estate, Hospitality, Tech, Non-profit, Mortgage, Finance, Social Media & Online Education,  and Marketing.

It was suggested by Eric Auger, and then agreed upon by all, that we would adopt a Seafaring theme for the metaphor of our Association. With that in mind, and considering our NCSA Las Vegas Chapter as a Ship,we decided that we would create fun, interesting working title/postions to describe each one’s role and duties.

I welcomed each of our attendees aboard  the Ship called NCSA Las Vegas, as  we embark upon our maiden voyage on a journey to Customer Service Excellence, Five Star Service and beyond!! I respect the talents, gifts, insights, perspectives and experience that each one shall carry aboard to assist our crew as we venture together on this journey.  With each one’s participation,  NCSA Las Vegas will be a beacon of Customer Service Success to our local community!



We are excited to announce that with the launch of our Chapter we now already  have 5 officers: Title in parenthesis are still works in progress.

Myself, Christoff J. Weihman-President ASPIRE Enterprises- Founding President (Captain Service Elevater/Chief Experience Officer)

Eric Auger-Owner Hunting Ellis Real Estate -Vice President (Cruise Director)

Tina Tasaka -Information Builders International-Programs Director (Event Evangelist)

Taiya Thompson-Director Bank of New York Mellon, offered to assist Tina with duties of the Programs Committee

Sonny Martell Owner Me Power- Membership Director (Casting Director/Introduction Director, Chief Engagement Agent)

Carlye Davis-Founder Las Vegas Diaper Bank -Treasurer (Holder of the Loot)


Others present:  Eric Chong-Sales Director You Will Change the World; Brian Williams-Owner Five Star Economy; Keith Kramer-Agent New York Life;  Rodney Allgood-Motivational Speaker.

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All those in attendance have a strong desire to uphold the bar of Service Excellence in their respective industries and to the greater Las Vegas Community. I am confident that great things are in store for our Las Vegas Chapter!

Soon we will be announcing schedule of local chapter meetings for those interested in becoming a part of this wonderful, Customer Service Focused organization. If you live in Las Vegas and have interest in joining or learning more about NCSA Las Vegas, please feel free to message me directly or comment below.

For information about the National Customer Service Association please see website:

Thanks for reading!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV