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EXCELLERATE- verb; definition- To Rise to a Level of Excellence in a Rapid, Accelerated manner.

Excel, Elevate, Accelerate

Alright my friend, this is going to be short and sweet and to the point!
Does the above word and it’s definition describe you and what you desire for your business, your team, and your life?
If you found value in my book, Getting to WOW! and in my presentation- I Am the Guest Experience- then, you will love our upcoming 2 day Five Star Customer Service focused event- EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016!!
Maybe you haven’t gotten a chance to read my book, Getting to WOW! yet, or to sit in one of my trainings.  Maybe you’ve only read my blog and seen my videos on Facebook. So you know that I’m all about 5 Star Customer Service and helping businesses and individuals Elevate their Customer Service.
No worries – Because in less than 2 weeks-we’re bringing the message of WOW! Customer Service to life with our EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 Event in Las Vegas on October 24-25 at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.
WE have an amazing line-up of Speakers from all over the country who are experts in their industry and they can help you bring you business, your career and your life to the next level!!
DISCOVER How to Create and Deliver  5-Star Customer Experience with the Indispensable 5 R’s Model
  • Repeat Business

  • Referrals

  • Reviews

  • Reputation

  • Revenue

    While You Lead Your Business and Team To…

  • EXCEL in all aspects of Service Excellence

  • ELEVATE your CUSTOMER SERVICE to new heights

  • ACCELERATE your business’ growth and profitability

    EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 is about Service & Service. What do I mean by that?

  • It’s about SERVICE , as in Customer Service-Creating & Delivering Five Star Customer Service Experiences for your Customers

  • It’s about SERVICE, as in Service and Giving Back to the Community.

Our Event Kicks off on Sunday, October 23 at 7pm at Suncoast Hotel & Casino with our Charity Auction Fundraiser to benefit Three Square LV our local Foodbank serving Southern Nevada.


So, by attending EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 you will be contributing to the growth and development of yourself and your business, at the same time contributing to a greater cause of helping those in need. A portion of all ticket sales to our event, and funds raised during the Charity Auction Fundraiser will be donated to Three Square Foodbank.
Tickets are valued at $597.00 and well worth it.  However, we are offering them for the ridiculously low rate of only $97.00.  That’s right ONLY $97.00!!
That gets you into the EXCELLRATE SERVICE 2016 event for two days, Monday October 24 and Tuesday October 25 at Suncoast Hotel & Casino.    You will gain so much value and you will be with other like-minded individuals who want to EXCELLERATE their life.
So if that is you.  Message me and we will get you set up and registered for this amazing one of a kind event.
Here’s the link for the website, http://www.excellerate2016.com/
You may message me personally, Email me at Contact@EXCELLERATE2016.COM or call me at 702 848 8955.  This event is less than 2 Weeks from Today.  The Special Ticket offer will only be available for the next 7 days or until we have no more seats.
Do you want to EXCELLERATE your life?!!  Do it for yourself, your business and for your customers.  You Deserve it and so do they!
Let me know and Join us at EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 !
Christoff J, Weihman
ASPIRE Enterprises
Las Vegas NV
702 848 8955

Announcing-EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 in Las Vegas-October 23-25!!


Welcome Back to Soupfly!! We, here at ASPIRE Enterprises, have been very busy with many Getting to WOW! Service & Hospitality Trainings throughout the Summer.  And now we are excited to announce that our EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 Event is only 4 weeks away!!  Early Bird Tickets are still available.  WE look forward to seeing you at this 5 Star Customer Service Experience!


EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 is the Premier 5 Star Customer Service Conference of the year in Las Vegas.  Business owners, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and decision makers from all across the country will come together for 2 days (October 24 & 25) to learn proven strategies, technologies and tools to elevate their business’ Customer Service to new heights. There will be workshops, panel discussions, strategy sessions and break-outs as well as speakers on the main stage.



It is a well known fact that the level and quality of Customer Service that a company and it’s team delivers to it’s customers, has a direct impact upon the bottom line. As explained in the 5 Stars = 5 R’s Model, if you deliver 5 Star Service your business will experience an increase in the 5 R’s: Repeat Customers, Referrals, Reviews, Reputation, Revenue.  Indirectly, as a result, the 6th R– Relationships-both external as well as internal to the business will deepen.

We also know that just as the quality of Customer Service provided to a company’s customers affects the success or failure of the business, so too, does Service -as in ‘giving back’ have a positive impact on a business. With this in mind, the other focus of the EXCELLRATE SERVICE 2016 Event is Service to the Community, specifically in giving back to our local foodbank, Three Square.  We fully support the wonderful work that this organization does in contributing to the needs of the food insecure families of Southern Nevada.  Our goal is to raise funds from this event to provide 15000 meals for Three Square.



We will kick off our EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 Event with a Silent Auction Fundraiser open to the public-on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at the Richard Tam Alumni Center at UNLV.



The Speaker Line-up for this event is hands down-5 Star.  Experts in Customer Service/ Customer Experience; Social Media Marketing, Online Business Reputation Management, Business Growth and Acceleration, Organizational Excellence, Sales & Team Building, and more, will be gracing our stage to share their wisdom and expertise. In upcoming Soupfly posts we’ll be featuring many of our speakers.

Attendees from a variety of Industries will be in attendance representing everything from hotel and restaurant, to automotive sales, to retail, gaming, digital media, marketing, floral and events, medical and nursing, start-ups and more.


 EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 is the place for you and your team to connect with like-minded professionals,  and receive the inspiration, motivation, tools, technologies and stategies to equip you to finish 2016 with a powerful surge of momentum in your Business and Personal Life.

In addition to the amazing content you will receive over the 2 day event, you will also be contributing to our larger vision of raising funds for Three Square LV, our local foodbank, who serve our food insecure neighbors of Southern Nevada. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Three Square with a goal of raising five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) from our event.  In achieving our goal we will be providing fifteen thousand meals (15,000) for those in need in our community.

EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 is all about CUSTOMER SERVICE and Service to our Community. If you have a Passion for Service Excellence and a Heart for Service, then this event is for you!


  1. Attend by yourself and enjoy this Amazing Conference and meet new like-minded individuals
  2. Bring a Team; your Sales Dept., a few co-workers, colleagues from an industry organization,  etc. (Ask about Group Discounted Tickets)
  3. Be a Sponsor -message us at: Contact@EXCELLERATE2016.com for opportunities
  4. Donate an item for the Silent Auction and Fund Raiser
  5. Tell your friends and invite them to experience EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 with you
    Facebook Page for Silent Auction https://www.facebook.com/events/651622301664617/

    Facebook Page for EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 Conference

Event Website :  http://www.excellerate2016.com/

Thank you for reading. I appreciate all my Soupfly Readers from all over the world. I know that I will see many of you at our EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 in Las Vegas!

Cheers and God Bless You!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV


20150322_125412 - Copy


Happy New Year from Soupfly!!

Happy New Year 2016!  AND Welcome back to Soupfly!

We’ve been away for a while but now we are back and  filled with a renewed excitement, enthusiasm and positive energy for the New Year.  I hope that you are as well.  We had a fantastic fun time over the Holidays, lots of dining out and drinking out, celebrating with family, friends and business associates.   Lots of meeting wonderful restaurant managers and industry professionals.


I am very grateful for all the amazing people that I met in the course of my Big December Goal-so many managers with open hearts and open minds. I say open hearts because many of them, when I mention that we donate a portion of our sales to Three Square LV (our local foodbank) they immediately are interested in purchasing a copy of my book, Getting to WOW!  I say open minds, because many of them desire to learn more about how to improve their customer service.

Although we did not hit our goal of selling 200 copies, we did sell 67 copies in December.  For every copy we donate $3.00 to Three Square and they stretch every dollar to provide 3 meals for the food insecure people in our community.  AND for the month of December they had matching funds, which means that our check that we presented will actually be double.  We were blessed to be able to give $312.00 which doubled equals $624.00!! Multiply that times 3 meals/ dollar and that equals 1872 meals!! And my target goal was to sell enough books that we would provide 1800 meals.  So, with the matching funds, we actually surpassed our goal!!!

So, I must say thank you to each one of you that bought a copy or two or three or more of my book, Getting to WOW! in the month of December-you are the reason that we were successful in reaching our goal! Thank you and may you be blessed.  In addition, I do know that you will be blessed, inspired and motivated as you read Getting to WOW! and begin to apply what you learn.  The principles therein will truly help you and your team to elevate your level of Service and Hospitality.

End of the Year Update

So, here we are at the start of a New Year.  2016.  I don’t know how 2015 was for you.  For me it was amazing. It was a year of many firsts. 2015 saw the start of me becoming a published author, with the release of my first book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.  I started my company, ASPIRE Enterprises, a Service and Hospitality Training and Consulting company.  I had the great privilege and opportunity to begin sharing the message and the principles of WOW! Service and Hospitality. It started small-first through our free seminars. I am reminded of the words of one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard, who says “Never let your small business keep you small minded.”

Next, we began to get hired by locally owned restaurants and corporate establishments. I was given the opportunity to speak at the Bartenders Union for 4 classes twice this year to a total of about 300 bar professionals.  That was really a fun experience.   And then, after 6 months of meetings and waiting, we had the amazing opportunity to train the front of the house staff at Rivea and Skyfall, the newest restaurant and lounge at the top of Mandalay Bay.  The team was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  This group really wanted to learn and they knew that they have an incredible gift to be chosen to work at this amazing new Alain Ducasse restaurant. It was a wonderful experience.

A few weeks later we were invited to the Grand Opening.  What a joy to experience the upbeat positive attitude and welcome of the staff who are putting into practice the principles of WOW!  When we returned to Rivea in November,  to celebrate our anniversary we were again equally impressed with our experience.  Rivea and Skyfall have some of the highest customer satisfaction scores of all the MGM properties in Las Vegas.  I am humbled and excited to have played a small  part in that.

We also did a presentation for about 30 of the F & B Executive/Management Team of Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, which was very well received.   I was delighted and humbled by that opportunity.  We are looking forward to being of service and bringing value to them on a larger scale in 2016.

Goals for 2016   

2015 was truly a wonderful year.  Now it’s over.  Time to start fresh. So, how about you, do you have grand plans, lofty ambitions, great big goals for 2016?  For yourself personally?  If you have not yet planned your year and set down your goals on paper, I strongly encourage you to do so.  An idea in your head is not a goal.  Even a strong intention is not a goal.  And you can’t achieve goals if you don’t have a plan.  So, do yourself a favor and take some time this week, before you get to far along into your regular routine and schedule.  Figure out what you desire for this year. Write it down. Make some plans. Take some action.  If you plan to finally write that book, go buy yourself a nice notebook and set a time to sit down and begin writing.  Just start. Whatever your goal is -take some action toward accomplishing it. And stick to it.  That’s for yourself personally.  How about for your business?

If you work in the Service and Hospitality industry-what are your goals for 2016?  If you are a restaurant owner, manager or F & B Executive-what are your grand plans for this year?  Are you just going about ‘business as usual’ and hoping that this year will be better than last?

Rise Above the Competition this Year


How are you going to stand out from the competition this year?  What are you going to do to rise above the rest?  There are new restaurants opening up all the time.  Sadly, though there are new restaurants closing down all the time.  This is an insanely competitive industry.    May I suggest, that you must have a plan, a strategy, for delivering Service and Hospitality at an elevated level than what you have been.

One of the main reasons that many, even most businesses, DO NOT deliver 5 Star or WOW! Service is because they have no plan or strategy.  Are you merely hoping that your staff provides 5 Star Service? It’s not going to happen by accident. Or maybe it will. But it won’t be consistent.  Is that what you want for your business?

Management Makes the Difference

My wife, Michelle and I did a lot of dining out over the past month and a half and I’ll tell you we saw the full gamut of types of service.  We experienced the good and the bad and a lot of the mediocre.  Not good, not bad.  Just ok.  We had experiences at establishments where the managers were helping man the host stand, bussing tables, greeting guests, touching tables.  So, refreshing to see and experience.  Then, we went to many places where no manager was to be found.  On a very busy night during the holiday season.  No visible manager presence. This is all too common.  My friends, it all starts at the top.  If the manager doesn’t care and is too busy doing paperwork, sitting in the office, then how would they expect their staff to care?

We’ve been to some places recently where there was a change in management and it made a visible difference in the service, the quality of food, the attitude of the staff and the overall experience.

Let’s make 2016 the year that you plan for your business success by planning for your Service and Hospitality.  Want business to grow?  Elevate the level of Service and Hospitality and they will come. You want increased revenue?  Happy customers who feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door until the moment thy leave will often stay longer and spend more.  And next time they come back they will bring people with them. They will market for you.

Do you want happy, engaged, loyal employees?  If so, then, provide training for them to them to be equipped to deliver higher levels of service and hospitality. Rather than just telling and expecting them to do better, you must lead the way as a servant leader.  Set the example.  If you invest in your staff, in training and providing the tools they need to do their job better, they will perform better.  They will care more.  They will feel like you are all in this together.  And you are.

It’s your choice.  You can decide right now at the beginning of the year to make this the year that you and your team rise above the competition.  Become the best you can be.  Make 2016 the year you consistently WOW! your customers.  5 Star Service will lead to 5 Star Reviews, which will lead to increased business, increased profits, increased exposure, etc. Let this be you goal.

My goal is to be of service and bring value to as many of you that are interested, open and willing.

ASPIRE Enterprises stands for Advancing Service Performance, Inspiring Restaurant Excellence.  That’s what we do.  Inspire, Motivate and Equip People to Passionately Deliver WOW! Service.

Let me know if I may be of service. It would be my honor and privilege to work with you and your team and bring WOW! Service and Hospitality Training to you.

By the way, I have been invited to be a guest speaker for the annual convention of the National Association of Customer Service in Orlando, this May.  And in February, I’ll be the guest speaker for the Las Vegas chapter of the Wedding Industry Professionals Association. Getting to WOW! is not just for restaurants.  It’s going to be a spectacular year.

I wish you all the best!!

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Elevating Service and Hospitality,

20150322_125412 - Copy

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV

702 848 8955





Help Out-Dine Out: Chef Stratta and Getting to WOW! Team up!


2015-06-11 17.30.5420150611_171025

Breaking News!!,,,,-What a Fantastic opportunity-We are teaming up with James Beard Award Winning/2 Michelin Star Celebrity Chef, Alex Stratta  for Restaurant Week!  Chef Stratta, who recently opened Tapas by Stratta in Tivoli Village in Summerlin, Las Vegas. is one of the industry experts that I had the pleasure of interviewing for my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.  

wpid-20150611_170020.jpgimages (1)

Now, starting Monday, June 15, my book, Getting to WOW! will be on display and available for sale at Tapas by Stratta!

Also, I will be having a special book signing event at Tapas by Stratta on Friday, June 19 & Friday June 26 from 5-7pm. I invite you to come and join us.



June 15 is the start of Restaurant Week (which actually runs for 12 days thru June 26), in which participating restaurants share a specific dollar amount of donation to Three Square Food Bank, for every special meal that is purchased. Here’s the details:

Now in its ninth year,LAS VEGAS Restaurant Week gives restaurants in our community the opportunity to give back through the culinary arts.


Now in its ninth year, Three Square Food Bank presentsLAS VEGAS Restaurant Week – a celebration of dining out for a cause. Make reservations at award-winning restaurants and local eateries you have always wanted to try, and your meal could provide up to 18 meals to hungry people in the community. A portion of proceeds from Restaurant Week remain local and help Three Square in its fight to end hunger in Southern Nevada.

Since 2007, more than 2.5 million meals have been provided for those in need through Restaurant Week. ByJOINING us, you are helping us get closer to our goal of feeding the more than 315,000 food insecure people in Southern Nevada

Our Participation/Your Participation:

For every dollar donated to Three Square 3 meals are provided to Southern Nevada’s insecure people. For every copy of Getting to WOW! that we sell, we donate $3.00 to Three Square.  That means that the sale of one copy of Getting to WOW! provides for 9 meals!

Our specific goal for this month of June 2015 is to sell 200 copies of Getting to WOW!, thereby donating $600.00 to Three Square-totaling 1800 meals.  

We need your support.  If you live in Las Vegas, I invite you to join us for Restaurant Week.  Come have an amazing dinner at this beautiful new restaurant in Tivoli Village.  Experience the creative, flavorful culinary creations of Chef Alex Stratta, purchase yourself  a copy of Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.  In doing so, everybody truly will win; you will have an great dining experience at an amazing new restaurant, if you order their special restaurant week menu $5.00 will be donated to Three Square, you will be supporting a new local author, and most importantly, you will be contributing in a huge way towards helping to end hunger in Southern Nevada.

If you live outside of Las Vegas, you can still help by purchasing a copy or copies of my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.  Every copy you purchase provides 9 meals for the food insecure.  As Three Square’s motto states-Together, We can feed everyone.

Will you participate in helping us reach our goal of selling 200 copies of Getting to WOW! and raising $600.00 for Three Square this month?

Click here to purchase your  signed copy/copies.


Untitled1 (2)

If you already have a copy of Getting to WOW! I ask that you consider ordering another one or two to give as gifts to the people you know in any type of service profession.

I sat down with Chef Stratta last year and he shared his insights on the importance of and what constitutes WOW! Service & Hospitality.  One of the things he shared with me is that WOW! Service is when the guest walks out of your establishment with this amazing feeling but  “they really don’t know what hit them.”  It’s the intangibles that make for an amazing “WOW! dining experience. Chef Stratta has not only contributed content to my book, Getting to WOW!, he also wrote a fantastic endorsement which appears on the back cover.

20150322_125412 - CopyIn-the-36-years-Ive-been

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate all my readers and your continued support! Please share on social media and Like our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/SoupFly/1438615929733655?ref=bookmarks

God Bless You All and Cheers!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV 


Honey Salt & Hrair (Two Great Examples of Service & Hospitality Excellence)



recite-1gyk98l (1)Screenshot_2015-03-01-18-15-47-1 (5)wpid-20150301_132903-1-1.jpg



First I want to start by introducing you all to someone who truly understands Service & Hospitality.  No, this person is not the owner of the newest, hot restaurant on the strip.  Nor is this person a Michelin starred chef.  This person is not the most amazing server or bartender I’ve ever met.  In fact, this person doesn’t technically work in the Service & Hospitality industry.  I want to introduce you to Hrair-pronounced “ha-riah”.   Hrair, is the owner of Park Avenue Drycleaners in Summerlin, Nevada.  That’s right he’s my dry cleaner.


This is a guy who gets what I talk about in my book.  He understands about the importance of the greeting.  Even if he is in the back pre-occupied momentarily, he will acknowledge the customer standing at the front and tell them that he’ll be right there.  He always is smiling, and sometimes, I believe that I’ve heard him singing as he comes to the counter.  He has an unassuming demeanor,  a pleasant personality and a positive attitude about him.  Yes, he’s my dry cleaner.  Yes, my interaction with him is just for a few minutes once a week but I can tell you it is so refreshing to be a customer of someone like Hrair.

What else makes him so special?  For one thing, he is very accommodating.  What do I mean by that? Well, just as in how I order when I eat in a restaurant, yes, I do make modification requests, so too, I do the same, even when I go to the dry cleaners.  I don’t like the metal hangers that dry cleaners use. Rather than transferring my dry cleaned clothes when I get home to my own plastic hangers- I just bring them to Hrair when I drop off my clothes.  What else?  I don’t like the plastic that covers the clothes.  So, I request no plastic on my clothes.  Hrair, smiles, and says “yes” every time.  I know that my special requests probably takes him a bit more time to do my clothes.  But never once has he grumbled or complained-at least not to me.

Upbeat, positive, friendly, personable, accommodating-what more could one want in  a service provider?  Hrair is a true example of Service & Hospitality Excellence.  We can all learn from his simple yet effective example.  Oh, and he takes pride in his work.  How do I know this?  Because he asks me if I was happy with the way he did my clothes.  I don’t think any other dry cleaner that I’ve ever met has done this.  But you see, Hrair, cares about his work and about his customer’s satisfaction.

recite-tsh6dldownload (3)

If any of my readers live in Las Vegas, and specifically the Summerlin area-I highly recommend that you give Hrair and Park Ave. Cleaners a try.  You will be very happy meeting and bringing business to this gentleman.


This past week my wife, Michelle and I have enjoyed two great dinners out-both at favorite restaurants of ours.

wpid-20150306_204555.jpgimages (1)images (2)

First, on Friday night, we dined at -Honey Salt in Summerlin.  Honey Salt is a farm to table style restaurant.  The staff there are friendly, upbeat and welcoming.  The owner-Kim Canteenwalla actually wrote a nice endorsement for my book a few months ago and provided some great content for the chapter entitled Getting to Know Your Guests.  Michelle and I both consider the octopus at Honey Salt to be the best we’ve had.  We’ve even had octopus at some finer establishments on the Las Vegas strip but none compare with the tenderness and taste of Honey Salt’s octopus.


Our server, Travis was very friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  He knew his wines and did a wonderful job presenting, decanting and pouring.  His team was helpful and we didn’t have to ask for anything except a serving spoon for the appetizer.  Michelle enjoyed the scallops-easily one of the best things on the menu.  For my entree I had the baked cod.  It was so moist and flavorful. Very enjoyable.  Travis always made sure that he was at our table within seconds of a course being served, to ensure that we were enjoying everything.  My only suggestion for improvement is that sometimes the runners would auction the food rather than knowing which of us ordered what-and they don’t always make it a priority to serve ladies first.

We always have a great dinner or brunch at Honey Salt.  The ambience and decor are very appealing, the seats-especially the booths are very comfortable.  The management staff are engaging.  The food and service are excellent.  My only question for you, my readers, is-if you live in Vegas and you have not yet made your way to Honey Salt-why not?  You absolutely must treat yourself and go-You will be very happy that you did.  In fact, we are having a Getting to WOW! and Giving Back Mega Book Launch Brunch on Sunday, March 22 at Honey Salt from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.  Here is the link with the information.  Please come and Join us!


Our next Getting to WOW! and Giving Back Mega Book Launch Event will be Monday, March 16 at Fleming’s Townsquare from 4:30-6:30pm.  We are partnering with Three Square-Southern Nevada’s local food bank for all of our Book Launch events.

Our Goal is to raise $1000.00 for Three Square.  Thus far we’ve only hit about $200.00 of our goal.

YOU CAN HELP-We invite you to come to our events and not only support this new author-me, but to also help contribute to Three Square.

If you live in Las Vegas-please join us on March 16 at Fleming’s and on March 22 at Honey Salt.


If you don’t live in Las Vegas and you wish to contribute-you may purchase a copy of Getting to WOW!-for $25.00-$3.00 of which will be donated to Three Square.


If you would like to contribute additionally, please message me and we will explain how to make that happen.

You may email me at: Christoff@ASPIRE2WOW.COM

And of course the team of Blau & Associates-Kim Canteenwalla and Elizabeth Blau, opened their newest  and much anticipated Andiron Steak and Sea yesterday in Downtown Summerlin.  Like many of our Las Vegas friends, Michelle and I are eager to dine at Andiron.  I know it’s going to be amazing!

download (4) download (5)


I’ll tell you about our other great dinner from last weekend in my next post.

Thank you all for reading.  I invite you to like our Facebook page and to Share on Social Media.

Soupfly continues to add readers from new countries!  We want to welcome new readers from Andorra, Sierra Leone and Tunisia!!

God bless you all and Cheers!

I hope you are all still focused on making 2015 your best year yet!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV



Getting to WOW! 30 Day Mega Book Launch Events Update-Partnering with Three Square Food Bank

Welcome Back to Soupfly!

images (11)

20150207_093012 (1)images (4)

I am happy to report that my first radio interview as a published author went quite well this past Saturday.

I was interviewed on GrilliantIdeasRadio.com discussing Service & Hospitality and my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.  It was a great opportunity to start getting my message out through other avenues.  Grilliant did not grill me too bad.  He was a great host and I enjoyed the experience.  The first of many, many, many to come-interviews, that is.

Here’s a short excerpt from my radio interview-courtesy of my wife/videographer-Michelle

Here’s the complete replay from Saturday’s interview. Fast forward about 30 minutes to hear the interview.


As you know we are soon, starting our Getting to WOW! 30 Day Mega Book Launch in partnership with Three Square Food Bank.  We have a number of events scheduled around Las Vegas for Book Launch/Signing Events.  We will be donating $3.00 from every book sale to Three Square.  Also, there will be opportunity for attending guests to contribute more to this wonderful non-profit at each event.

There will be raffle prizes, I will be discussing my book and answering questions and hopefully, we will have some of the people that I’ve interviewed for Getting to WOW! making appearances-including a celebrity Chef or two.  Each event will be somewhat different from the next but all will be fun and enjoyable.  Come support a new author, enjoy some great food and drink, buy a book and make a difference!


Here’s the schedule of our Getting to WOW! 30 Day Mega Book Launch Events-note some have dates yet to be decided but we definitely are hosting events at all these places.

Getting to WOW! 30 Day Mega Book Launch Schedule:
Tuesday February 17, at DW Bistro from 4:30- 6:30 pm.
Tuesday February 24, at The Crepe in Tivoli Village in Summerlin, 7 pm -??
Monday February 23, at Whist Stove & Spirits at the District in Green Valley Ranch -time/details to be decided
Sunday  March 1, at Mercadito in Red Rock Casino-Brunch-time to be decided
Made LV Tavern- at Tivoli Village in Summerlin-Date and time still to be decided but it is definite
Fleming’s TownSquare -Date still to be decided
La Casa Cigar Lounge in Tivoli Village-sometime in late March, still to be decided
3930156914_19835ccabe_n download
Here are the Facebook Event Pages for the confirmed events. More to come
download (1)images (1)download
Here are some of our generous sponsors for our events:
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Thanks for reading.  If you have not yet gotten your copy of Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service-I encourage you to do so. Whether you work in the Service & Hospitality industry or not, if you are serving or selling to customers, guests, clients or patrons-you will enjoy this book.  I guarantee that you will find valuable content that you can use to up your game of Service.
Go here to order your copy today!
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God Bless you all and Cheers!
Christoff J. Weihman                                  
APIRE Enterprises
Las Vegas, NV 
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Getting to WOW! First Radio Interview Coming Soon- Saturday, February 7 !!



I hope you all had a fantastic, productive month of January!  Statistics show that the majority of people usually let their goals slide by February 1st.  The new year is well underway and perhaps work, day to day life, weather, maybe sickness and a whole host  of other distractions can and may have thrown you off course.  That’s okay.  It happens.  You may be discouraged, but don’t allow it to defeat you.  I encourage you to revisit the goals you set on January 1st, and if you’ve let some of them slide, then re-adjust, regroup and re-commit.  We are at the start of a new month-let’s focus, be disciplined and get going!  Make it your intention to make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!  Like Joel Osteen says, “You Can, You Will.”

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I am so excited about our upcoming Official Getting to WOW! Mega-Book Launch.



We originally were going to start today but with additional time needed to organize and schedule events-we have pushed it back 2 more weeks.  So, our official, Getting to WOW! Mega-Book Launch will begin on Monday, February 16, 2015!

Getting to WOW! on the Radio!!

I am very excited and happy to announce that we will be having our very first Getting to WOW! radio interview this coming Saturday on GrilliantIdeasRadio.com

I invite you to Like their Facebook Page:

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I am scheduled to be on air at 12 pm EST.  That’s 10 am for us on Pacific time.  I invite and encourage you all to please tune in.  And if you want to really be supportive, please feel free to call in.  Here’s the number: 714 242 5272

Yes, it’s an online radio station which I think is so exciting because their listeners are not restricted to a specific local market.  They have listeners from all across the country and maybe even all across the world-just like Soupfly!

Speaking of which, as usual, Soupfly once again has readers from new countries.   We want to welcome readers from the following new countries: Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Oman.

Getting to WOW! Book Launch Events

We are working very hard to book, organize, schedule and confirm events for our Getting to WOW! Mega-Book Launch.  So, far I have two events officially confirmed-they are:

Tuesday, February 17, 4:30 pm-6:30 pm

DW Bistro 6115 S. Fort Apache Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89148



Come for Happy Hour-enjoy specialty infused cocktails with locally made, Las Vegas Distillery Vodka.  There will be tasty bites provided by Chef Dalton.  The author will be sharing excerpts from Getting to WOW! and signing copies for everyone who purchases a copy.

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Tuesday, February 24, 6;30 pm -??

The Crepe at Tivoli Village in Summerlin, NV- 420 South Rampart, Las Vegas, NV 89145  

This event will be a Service & Hospitality industry Trivia night, with whimsical food, great drinks, prizes and of course, hosted by the author, Christoff J. Weihman.  He will be sharing excerpts from Getting to WOW! and interacting with attending guests.  All books sold at this event will be signed by the author. Come join the fun!  We may even end up doing some karaoke that night!






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Remember, that we are partnering with Three Square Food Bank for our Getting to WOW! 30 Day Mega-Book Launch.  For every book sold, the author is donating $3.00 to this local charity.  At each event there will also be opportunity for guests to contribute additional donations to benefit Three Square.


Other Locations that we are still finalizing details of event and dates are:

Mercadito in Red Rock Casino; Made LV in Tivoli Village; Whist Stove & Spirits at the District in Green Valley Ranch.

Our goal with our Getting to WOW! 30 Day Mega-Book Launch is to sell at least 1000 copies of the book.  With your support, I know we can.  I am looking forward to an absolutely incredible, amazingly successful Mega-Book Launch.  

If you would like to assist, support or help-(I know those all pretty much mean the same thing) in making our Launch a Success, please message me.

Thank you for you continued support!

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Blessings & Success to you!


Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV