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A Bartender – A Chameleon


I, Christoff, am traveling with my wife, Michelle  and our two adorable puppies (see pictures below and tell me they’re not the cutest)  cross country to visit family and friends.

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Christoff in office with Lilly Carly (2)

So, I have the great pleasure of bringing to you, once again, my good friend Shaun the Bartender as my guest blogger.

But before we get to Shaun-I want to welcome readers from the following new countries: Croatia and Hong Kong!!

My Blog is Growing!  We’re now connecting with readers from 54 countries!  Thank you all so much for reading. Please keep sharing.  Let’s get Soupfly.net to crisscross the globe.







One of our new favorite bartenders is Brian from Bonefish Grill in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada.


He is very accommodating, friendly and professional.  The first time we met him he created a drink for me with Basil and Gin.  It was very good.  This last time, he went above and beyond and created a drink using Sage.  Yes, Sage.  It was ab solutely perfect.  From only serving me one other time and a very short conversation with me-he quickly understood and remembered the flavor profiles that I enjoy and he created this wonderful new drink.  It may become my new favorite.  At least when we go to Bonefish Grill. If you’d like to know what’s in this Sage creation you can Tweet him @BrianCstandsup

If you live in Las Vegas- I highly recommend that you check out Bonefish Grill. They do an excellent job there.  The staff at Bonefish Grill really get Service and Hospitality and quality.  Ok, that’s my two cents.


NOW here’s Shaun the Bartender.  Take it away, Shaun!



Bartending  is a very unique occupation, where it is not uncommon dealing with different walks of life, everyday, at the same time.  Not one day is the same, nor is anyone like the person sitting next to them.  Yet, here we are, in a position where we need to ensure every person in the room is completely satisfied with not only you, they must have comfort with their surroundings and the people who are part of them.

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You, as a bartender, need to be even-keeled and have a keen understanding of the human element, because this is what will make or break you in this occupation.  You must be able to tolerate the personalities that surround you as you work the room and even throw in some stories from time to time, discuss interesting topics that were on the news today, and maybe even have some good and healthy arguments on your favorite sports teams.   Most important, these patrons are more than a person filling up one of the seats, they are your friend and you are always happy to see them.  Just this will make you a success in the bar that you work and make your place of business a busy and exciting place to be.

How do you go about doing this?

One mindset is to understand that people are there for a reason.  Though some may act like they really don’t want to be part of the experience, they probably do.  You didn’t make them come have a drink at your bar.  They came in on their own.  They are there to meet people and be part of the overall experience.  There will be several different types of personalities, from the one who is the social butterfly that wants to be part of everyone’s conversation, to those who need to get some lessons on social etiquette.  If you are doing your job and touching (talking to) each and every person at the bar, you are getting to know what type of personality fits each individual you have seated in front of you.  While doing this, you should have a better idea on how to make everyone’s stay better while imbibing on a couple pops.  Because it’s much more than that.  If it wasn’t, they could have found a cheaper way by buying a six pack on their way home.  We, as humans, are social creatures.  Like it or not, even if one seems to be somewhat introverted when entering your establishment, they want to meet new people and be part of the camaraderie.  You, as the captain of the ship, must take strides in making one feel the comfort of belonging.  It is up to the bartender to give them that sense of being part of something much more than that happy hour beer after work.

Conversation is key.  To know who you are dealing with, you will have to change your motions with each and every person:

a Chameleon. 

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Being able to do that takes some skill.  When mastering this, it will become second nature.  Then you will want to introduce them with people who they will feel comfortable with.  This brings people coming back because they feel they are part of something much more than a place to whet their whistle.  They have come to a place that has welcomed them and has made them feel like they are part of the experience with everyone else who has found their way in.

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A chameleon changes with each hue so it can fit in with it’s surroundings at one given time.  A bartender has to do that with each barstool.  Is this an easy task?  Not always.  But it sure makes life a lot more interesting, trying to figure out the room.  Sure sounds much more exciting than just pouring a beer and walking away until they need their next one, doesn’t it?

One great part of being in the bar business is that you can have the richest guy in the neighborhood no better than the poorest guy sitting right next to him.   Our job is to break the ice so that each on of these individuals can talk about that day’s events with one another, then look forward to seeing each other the next time they find themselves sitting next to each other.  You see, it’s not only about the right now.  If you are hitting the right tone, the people that came to patronize your business today will be the people that will frequent you place, and invite their friends to join them tomorrow.

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You don’t even need to look far to know which bartenders understand this philosophy.  They are the one’s who always have a full bar when they are working.  They are also the ones with the biggest smiles on their face due to this success.  Don’t let the bar owners full you.

download (2)Bartenders, at least the ones who I would label as such, are not a dime a dozen.  These fine folks love what they do, enjoy each and every individual who walks into their establishment, and introduces friends to one another.  You will know when you are good with the skill of changing your personality with each and every person when you see your business start to get busier by the week.

If you are still trying to figure out how to build your regular business, I highly suggest that you find a successful bartender and watch them for the night to see what they do to attract people in their bar.  Find out what they do to make their business thrive.  Heck, go see several.  You will learn a little something from all of them and it will prepare you for the road ahead if you play your cards right.

Here’s to doing just that….CHEERS!

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Thanks, Shaun!!





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Your Friendly Neighborhood Bartender


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I have a special treat for you all today…

Recently I connected with a gentleman who is an expert in his field- of all things Bartending.  His name is Shaun Daugherty-but his moniker is very simply-SHAUN the BARTENDER.  He’s got an amazing website where he creates a new cocktail everyday and visually, step by step, shows you how to make it.

He’s written  a book entitled Extra Dry, with a Twist-An Insider’s Guide to Bartending.  Shaun has been a Bartender for over 20 years and he knows his craft very well.  But aside from his cocktail creating prowess, I was equally or maybe even more impressed, with his philosophy about Service & Hospitality in regards to Bartending.  To him, a Bartender is so much more than just one who makes and serves drinks behind the bar.  His emphasis on the Hospitality aspect truly resonated with me.  So, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to introduce SHAUN the BARTENDER to all of you my SOUPFLY FRIENDS & FANS.

So, without further ado-(that really wasn’t that much ado, anyway) I give you, my guest blogger- SHAUN the BARTENDER...



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So…what is a bartender?

Is it someone who can make over 500 drinks from memory, a person serving you a drink while discussing a topic of interest, or someone who is there to be a lending ear to listen about your trying day at the office?


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The person behind the bar should be whatever you want them to be.  If you want them to converse with you, or not, they are there to respect your wishes.  Their favorite drink to make should be the one that they are making, at that very moment, for the person who is awaiting it to quench their thirst; no matter if it’s a craft cocktail or a rum and coke, they are there to satisfy your wants and needs and be happy when doing so.  Does a margarita take lemon juice and simple syrup or just a pre-mix?  That question should be answered by the person who is imbibing it, not the person serving it.  There are many tastes, hence the different types of spirits.  A true bartender understands that to be successful, one should have an open mind and make it to the satisfaction of the one who will be enjoying it.  Yes, the way they want it may be wrong as far as you, as the maker, is concerned.  However you will not be the one enjoying it.  The saying, “The customer is always right”, comes to mind in this instance.  This is what separates the true bartender and someone only serving drinks on the other side.



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A bartender is a friend, a confidant, a consultant to every individual who enters their establishment.  Be it the man who is dressed to the nines just coming from his business meeting, to the girls who are going out to gossip about current relationships, there are no favorites when it comes to him/her.  They are there to be the maestro to the bar filled with many different personalities, gracefully orchestrating a nice harmony throughout the room.  With the right conductor, everyone wants to be in the band.  The room will always be full of life and happy people no matter what pay grade and lifestyle.  With the right person as the host of the establishment, there will always be someone to talk to sitting at the next barstool.  And if you don’t know anyone when first walking in, they will be sure you have some new friends before you leave.

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It is never about them; it is about the people they have attracted to come in as patrons to their place of business.  They will always be a grateful host and the smiling face you will want to see when you have a little time to relax and enjoy some time with a room full of people who are there for the same reason.  A true bartender will understand that it is about the camaraderie and the vibe that they had every part in creating.  All because they understand that it is about each and every person there.

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What is a bartender?  I believe that this is up to you to decide.

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I hope you enjoyed Shaun’s guest post today.  I encourage you all to check out his website and  order his book:




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