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Are You a Person of EXCELLENCE?

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“It has been said that Perfection is unattainable, but my experience has proven that Excellence is within our reach, and I’ll choose and aspire to Excellence every time”

People often make mistakes, miss the mark and mess up. We forget to call a customer who is waiting for an answer. We hit the wrong button disconnecting a customer who’s been on hold for fifteen minutes. We put the wrong address on a package to be shipped, we ring in the wrong item on a customer’s order and we charge them double, and God forbid, but sometimes we mistakenly give the wrong medicine to a patient. We are human. We are fallible. We make mistakes and we are imperfect beings. But our goal, our standard, what we aspire to must always be a standard of Excellence.

A person of Excellence is always a person of Excellence. The customer experience will inevitably, at some point, have missteps and imperfections. No customer expects perfection. If they do, they’re not living in the real world. What I hope for is that you desire and choose to become a person of Excellence. If you take pride in how you show up to work, your attire, your attitude, your energy, your demeanor, that is going to translate into an exceptional customer experience.

I’ve experienced many times at a restaurant when something was not correct. I call these instances a ‘Soupfly’-something that could go wrong, like a fly in your soup. I did not order soup with a fly in it. You, my server, did not put it in there, I’m hoping. And yet, there it is. But it’s not the end of the world, nor is it the end of the opportunity for me to have a great dining experience. You are a person of Excellence, so what do you do? First obviously, you apologize. No finger pointing, no excuses. Just take responsibility and own it. “I am so sorry, sir. We are not known for serving flies in our soup. Please accept my apology.”

Then what? Make sure you tell the manager and let’s move on. Bring me something that you know I will enjoy. If I’m vegan-I am, then do not offer to bring me your finest ribeye. If I’m gluten-free, my wife is, don’t offer to bring me your best fettucine alfredo. A person of Excellence is always a person of Excellence.

If you don’t take pride in how you answer the phone or set the table, how can I be sure that you are diligent in communicating my dietary needs and allergies to the chef when you place my order?


One of my favorite mentors, T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, says,

“How you do anything, is how you do everything.”

And as my wife is fond of saying and reminding me, “A person of Excellence is always a person of Excellence.”

I think she is quoting me when she says that. No matter.

Your pursuit of excellence should carry through to every aspect of your work. This includes how you communicate with your customers. Excellence should be your standard in all you do, not just when someone is looking. Excellence and integrity are inextricably linked. You can’t have one without the other.

Excellence is NOT Perfection

We are not expecting perfection. We are expecting excellence. Striving for excellence allows for room to grow. Like my friend, International Speaker, James Dently, often says, “The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

We all can get better every day, as we strive for and make Excellence our standard. Excellence is not perfection.  However, average is never acceptable. Don’t say or think or have the mindset of “It’s okay”. No, its not. Okay is not okay. Okay is mediocre.

Excellence is Contagious

When you commit to Excellence, that commitment will shine through and it will cause others to follow suit. You will positively affect those around you as you make Excellence your standard. You will be an inspiration to your colleagues and your peers. Your customers will be attracted to you and will come back for more because they know what you stand for and strive for. Excellence is what you deliver.

A championship team is made up of many champions, not just one superstar. This is as true in business as it is in sports. Michael Jordan led his team, the Chicago Bulls, to 6 NBA Championships. He set a standard of Excellence for his teammates. Yes, he was the leader but the team members rose to that standard of Excellence set for them.

You must do likewise for your team, even if you are not the official leader. You can lead by example.  By being a person of Excellence.

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Elevating the Customer Experience,

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Your Gifts Are NOT for YOU-Mediocrity or Excellence?


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My wife, Michelle and I, were reading this morning from Joel Osteen‘s latest book, YOU CAN, YOU WILL.  He was talking about mediocrity and how being mediocre is not honoring to God. I completely agree with him.  We all have something that we are excellent at.  Many of us are gifted in multiple areas.  But if we are not using our gifts, then they are being wasted.


Similarly, if we don’t make a conscious decision to be excellent and to do excellent-that is, do things in an excellent manner, then we are cheats.  We are cheating others of the quality work we should be doing.  We are cheating others of our great talents, wonderful personalities, great senses of humor, extensive knowledge, amazing insights and kindheartedness. Whatever your gifting, or calling is-it is your responsibility to do that to the best of your ability.  Why? Because your gift is not for you.  What?  I’ll say it again.  Your Gift Is Not For You.  Yes, that’s exactly true.


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I learned this from T. Harv Eker.  He wrote a life-changing book called Secrets of the Millionaire MInd. When I attended his seminar two years ago and I first heard that statement, I thought, “That’s crazy”. My thinking was, “Of course my gifts are for me.  They’re My gifts and talents. That doesn’t make sense. If they’re not mine, then whose are they?”

Answer: Your gifts are for everyone else.  Your gifts, your talents, your passion, though they may be things that give you joy, happiness and satisfaction-you are supposed to be a blessing to others via those gifts.  They’re not just for you. So, guess what?  If you are not sharing your gifts, then you are depriving others that are meant to be beneficiaries of them. And you probably never considered yourself a selfish person. Right?  But if you are withholding them, you actually are blocking the flow.  And I know you don’t want to be a flow blocker.

What does all of this have to do with Service and Hospitality?  Just everything.  If you are coming to work everyday and just being there but not really Being there, if you are not giving your all everyday in every way-then, You are Mediocre.  Who really wants to live a mediocre life?  When one looks around, it seems a lot of people must want to.  Mediocrity is in. Everybody’s doing it.  And it’s really not ok.

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What about Excellence? You will never be successful if you don’t have Excellence as a primary objective, motivation and standard.  I encourage you to strive for excellence in your work, your job, your relationships, your personal life.  I’m guessing that you’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction, which states that “LIke Attracts Like”.  That means whatever you send out, you attract back to you.  If you settle for mediocrity in your life, that is what you will get more of.

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When you greet your guests, do you always have a smile and a cheerful attitude?  Or just sometimes?  When a guest has a complaint-do you have a positive mindset and true willingness to turn the situation around or do you then go and complain to your co-workers about the guest that’s complaining?  That’s not being very congruent.  Do you make a conscious effort to always give the very best service that you possibly can to every single guest?  Or is it just a crap shoot-some days you’re on your game, you’re loving life and as a result, the guests that have the pleasure of being served by you benefit.  But other days, you really just don’t care and you just do the bare minimum.

images (7)images

The problem with mediocrity is-it’s not good but it’s not really bad.  It’s just so, so.  What a pathetic way to be.  If you as an individual, are okay with “just okay” and there’s many like you at your establishment, and I’m betting that there are-then the whole place becomes infected with an “It’s good enough” mentality. When you think and say, “It’s good enough”, usually, it’s not.  You’re just settling.  So, I ask you, Good enough for who?  You’re supposed to be providing a service.  Is “good enough” really what your guests or customers want, expect and appreciate?  I think not.

If you make a decision to Be and Do Excellent-that is what will return to you. You  get what you expect.  

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When you arrive at work each day, do you set an intention in your heart and mind that this is going to be an amazing day? Or do you just wait and see what happens?  If you’re waiting to see how the day goes, see what comes up, see how you’re treated, then you’re not taking responsibility for your results.  You reap what you sow.  You get what you give.  How about focusing on EXCELLENCE  and giving that to every one of your guests, customers, clients today?  My bet is that if you do-you will be amazed at the results.  You will begin to see Excellence show up in other areas of your life as well.

As T. Harv Eker says, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”

images (4)

Come on,  give Excellence a shot. What do you have to lose?  Answer: Mediocrity


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