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Thoughts on My Journey to Becoming a Published Author-Part 2



A lot has been happening the past week and a half.  First, I was thrilled to go to the post office and send off the first copies of my book, Getting to WOW! to my 50 pre-order customers!  What a fantastic feeling-now that my book is done, to start getting it into people’s hands.  I want to share this content with people who can use it and gain value from it.

As I mentioned, starting February 2, we will be having our 30 day Book Launch which will include a wide variety of events.  As of this moment, we have 6 tentative locations where we will be holding Getting to WOW! book events.  As soon as the dates and locations are confirmed, I will share that information here.

Partnering with Local Charity.  I relayed in our recent post that we are partnering with Southern Nevada’s local foodbank, Three Square for all Las Vegas, Launch Events.  We Will be donating $3.00 to Three Square from every book sale during our 30 day Launch.  Our goal is to sell 1000 books during that first 30 day period.  So, in addition to getting a great book with very helpful, informative and positive content, anyone who purchases during that time will also be contributing to a very worthy cause.


This past Saturday, we had our official Getting to WOW! Book Release Party and it was a grand success.  I am so thankful for all the support of those who attended to celebrate the release of the book.  We had a great group of people from a variety of industries represented.




Also in attendance was  Jorge, a former patient of my wife, Michelle, from the hospital, who presented her with a letter sharing his gratitude for her kind, caring service and nursing him back to health.



A couple of the people that I interviewed for the book, Greg DaLuz and Christopher Moore were present as well.  Now that the Release Party is over the Focus is on the Launch.


I am happy and grateful to share with you that I have already received my first positive review on Amazon.  And it’s a 5 Star review!

One of my pre-order customers, Al Danklefsen wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars The New Manual for Hospitality, January 25, 2015
This review is from: Getting to WOW!: Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service (Paperback)
Getting to WOW! is engaging and relatable to service and sales in any industry. This book is a good read and will make you want to buy a copy for every server and restaurant you visit. This book is the new manual for any restaurant and any organization who wants to provide five star service, build customers and distinguish themselves from the competition. After reading this book you will never look at a menu or your server the same way again. I highly recommend it.
Thanks, Al.
Now all of you who have received your copy of Getting to WOW! I would like to request that you go to Amazon and write an honest review of the book.  Of course a 5 Star review would be great but I really am eager to hear from all of you your thoughts on the book.  I thank you all in advance.
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Thoughts on My Journey to Becoming a Published Author
I have learned so much along this journey to becoming a published author-some were easy lessons.  Others, not so easy.  I will say first that seeing my dream finally become a reality is such an amazing, invigorating, uplifting feeling.  Yes it took 6 plus years but who cares?  Now I have a published book available to serve and help others.  Now, I can say that I’m a published author.  I am truly grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned along the way.
1. Don’t Allow Perfectionism Prevent You from Action
People who have a tendency towards perfectionism, also can tend to let that get in the way of actually getting things done.  I don’t like having mistakes in my work.  While, I do think it’s important that we strive for a standard of excellence sometimes we can let that desire for excellence become an obstacle to actually doing the thing.  Having a perfectionism mentality can hinder a person from taking the first steps towards their goal.  I had the idea of starting this blog, Soupfly for a couple years.  I spent time working on  a logo design and focused on that  but was hesitant to actually sit down and start writing.  I wanted it to be right.  I wanted it to be great.  Same with the book, Getting to WOW!, I wanted it to be an excellent piece of work.  And I do believe it is, however, I also know that there are  mistakes in it.  Am I happy about the mistakes? NO.  But it was more important to get the work done and out there.  Even authors that have written multiple books have misspelled words, or grammatical mistakes.  But they get their work done and share it so that others can benefit from it.
There’s a great saying “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”  Don’t allow your perfectionism prevent you from taking action.  Set a goal, make a plan and then begin.  If your content is good, people will forgive your misspelled, mispronounced words and other mistakes.
2.  Get Perspective -When you are in the middle of a project, like writing a book, or some other creative endeavor, you must realize that things take time.  As long as you’ve begun the process, you have to have some perspective and know that it’s a process, it’s a journey, this is going to take time.  It doesn’t take everyone 6 1/2 years to write a book, but whatever creative project you are engaged in don’t beat yourself up because it’s taking time.  Set your sight on the goal and begin to move towards it.
3.  Make Regular Progress -If you are working on a dream project, a goal,  a creative venture of some sort, maybe daily life doesn’t allow you to put time into it everyday.  But maybe you can set aside time once or twice a week.  In order to bring it to fruition, you’ll have to have some regularity or schedule of time that you put into accomplishing your project.  For me this usually meant at least every weekend, I would strive to set aside some time to write.  While others were doing ‘fun things’, my focus was on getting my book done. Or at least making progress on it.
4.  Celebrate Your Mini-Successes -If you are engaged in a project that takes a considerable amount of time, in addition to being focused on the end goal, (for me it was-getting my book done and then published) you must also break it down to mini goals and each time you accomplish one of those-celebrate.  If I didn’t see that I was making regular progress along the way and I was only waiting until I accomplish the main goal of getting the book done, then I could easily gotten frustrated, discouraged and given up.  Instead, I had numerous mini-goals along the way.  For example, when I was interviewing  people for the book, completing each one of them was a mini-success.  Figuring out the format of the book, was a mini-success, as was coming up with the subtitle, etc.  Celebrating your mini-successes will continue to fan the flame, and fuel your motivation to continue on your journey.
Whatever you’ve been dreaming, planning, intending to do, I encourage you to start today.  Make 2015 your Best Year Yet!
I want to Thank you for reading.  And once again, we have readers from some new countries.  Soupfly welcomes new readers from: U.S. Virgin Islands, Vanautu, Solomon Islands & Oman!
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God bless you all & Cheers!
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