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Announcing-EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 in Las Vegas-October 23-25!!


Welcome Back to Soupfly!! We, here at ASPIRE Enterprises, have been very busy with many Getting to WOW! Service & Hospitality Trainings throughout the Summer.  And now we are excited to announce that our EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 Event is only 4 weeks away!!  Early Bird Tickets are still available.  WE look forward to seeing you at this 5 Star Customer Service Experience!


EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 is the Premier 5 Star Customer Service Conference of the year in Las Vegas.  Business owners, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and decision makers from all across the country will come together for 2 days (October 24 & 25) to learn proven strategies, technologies and tools to elevate their business’ Customer Service to new heights. There will be workshops, panel discussions, strategy sessions and break-outs as well as speakers on the main stage.



It is a well known fact that the level and quality of Customer Service that a company and it’s team delivers to it’s customers, has a direct impact upon the bottom line. As explained in the 5 Stars = 5 R’s Model, if you deliver 5 Star Service your business will experience an increase in the 5 R’s: Repeat Customers, Referrals, Reviews, Reputation, Revenue.  Indirectly, as a result, the 6th R– Relationships-both external as well as internal to the business will deepen.

We also know that just as the quality of Customer Service provided to a company’s customers affects the success or failure of the business, so too, does Service -as in ‘giving back’ have a positive impact on a business. With this in mind, the other focus of the EXCELLRATE SERVICE 2016 Event is Service to the Community, specifically in giving back to our local foodbank, Three Square.  We fully support the wonderful work that this organization does in contributing to the needs of the food insecure families of Southern Nevada.  Our goal is to raise funds from this event to provide 15000 meals for Three Square.



We will kick off our EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 Event with a Silent Auction Fundraiser open to the public-on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at the Richard Tam Alumni Center at UNLV.



The Speaker Line-up for this event is hands down-5 Star.  Experts in Customer Service/ Customer Experience; Social Media Marketing, Online Business Reputation Management, Business Growth and Acceleration, Organizational Excellence, Sales & Team Building, and more, will be gracing our stage to share their wisdom and expertise. In upcoming Soupfly posts we’ll be featuring many of our speakers.

Attendees from a variety of Industries will be in attendance representing everything from hotel and restaurant, to automotive sales, to retail, gaming, digital media, marketing, floral and events, medical and nursing, start-ups and more.


 EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 is the place for you and your team to connect with like-minded professionals,  and receive the inspiration, motivation, tools, technologies and stategies to equip you to finish 2016 with a powerful surge of momentum in your Business and Personal Life.

In addition to the amazing content you will receive over the 2 day event, you will also be contributing to our larger vision of raising funds for Three Square LV, our local foodbank, who serve our food insecure neighbors of Southern Nevada. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Three Square with a goal of raising five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) from our event.  In achieving our goal we will be providing fifteen thousand meals (15,000) for those in need in our community.

EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 is all about CUSTOMER SERVICE and Service to our Community. If you have a Passion for Service Excellence and a Heart for Service, then this event is for you!


  1. Attend by yourself and enjoy this Amazing Conference and meet new like-minded individuals
  2. Bring a Team; your Sales Dept., a few co-workers, colleagues from an industry organization,  etc. (Ask about Group Discounted Tickets)
  3. Be a Sponsor -message us at: Contact@EXCELLERATE2016.com for opportunities
  4. Donate an item for the Silent Auction and Fund Raiser
  5. Tell your friends and invite them to experience EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 with you
    Facebook Page for Silent Auction https://www.facebook.com/events/651622301664617/

    Facebook Page for EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 Conference

Event Website :  http://www.excellerate2016.com/

Thank you for reading. I appreciate all my Soupfly Readers from all over the world. I know that I will see many of you at our EXCELLERATE SERVICE 2016 in Las Vegas!

Cheers and God Bless You!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV


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Announcing!! 5 Star Customer Service Blab Series with Ravi Shukle & Christoff J. Weihman



I have great news to share: I will be teaming up with UK Online Customer Service Expert, Ravi Shukle to do a 5 Star Customer Service Series on Twitter’s live forum called Blab.

Our first session will be this Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 9am Pacific time.  Our first topic of discussion will be Creating a  Star First Impression for your Customers. We’ll be sharing insights for mastering the impression that your customers perceive of you and your business.  Our conversation will delve into both the online and offline world.  Our goal is to inform and entertain and equip you with the mindset, tools and techniques that will help you consistently create a 5 Star Experience for your Customers, regardless of what industry or business you are in.

We are very excited to bring this Blab Series to you!

Please join us, we would appreciate your support.  It will be a lively discussion and you may even have a chance to take the ‘hot seat’ and share your thoughts or questions.  If you have topics on Customer Service/ Service & Hospitality that you would like to see us cover in upcoming sessions, please feel free to email or message me back with your ideas.  What are some areas of Customer Service that you find challenging in your business?

Here’s the link:


We Look forward to seeing you all on Blab on Thursday!!

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Elevating Service & Hospitality,

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV


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Teaming up with Ravi Shukle-UK Customer Service Expert

Welcome Back to Soupfly!!

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I am so excited and grateful to be teaming up with an Amazing Customer Service Expert from the UK, Ravi Shukle, for our very first Blab. (Blab is a live streaming platform on Twitter-kind of like Google Hangouts)

We’ll be discussing How to Create 5 Star Service in 2016.  This will be a fun, exciting, engaging and inspiring 30-45 minutes of great content with techniques and strategies you can immediately apply in your business.


Tuesday, January 12, at 1 pm PST-Pacific Standard Time

You can listen, You can join in the Conversation.



What a fantastic way to start the year. Decide today to make Service and Hospitality/Customer Service, as the Number 1 Priority in your business. Rise Above the Competition and Elevate Your Customer Service Today!!

See you on Tuesday, January 12, at 1pm PST!!

Thanks for Reading!

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Cheers and May You Make 2016 a Spectacular Year for your customers, your business and you!!

Elevating Service and Hospitality,

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV


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