Top 10 Reasons You Should Invest in Training for Your Team



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I’d like to share with you the Top 10 Reasons why it is imperative that you invest in Training for your Team.  We live in a day when Marketing and Social Media dominate.  If a business does not have a presence on Social Media-it is bound to be swallowed up by those that do engage in Social Media. But one should not choose between investing in Marketing for their business or Customer Service Training.

Social Media is a very powerful form of marketing. I’ve heard it been said more than a few times that “Marketing is the life-blood of a business”.  If that is true, then Customer Service is the ‘Heart that pumps that blood’.  If a business is constantly generating new customers but they do not take care of their existing customers with Excellent Customer Service-then they’ll always be chasing new customers to replace the ones who left because of poor service. That is not a great strategy for growth.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons that Training is Vital for the Growth of Every Business:

  1. Training Makes your Team feel more engaged 
    An Engaged employee will always deliver better service to your clientele than a disengaged one. If they feel valued & appreciated they will treat your customers that way. How your customers feel is a direct reflection of how they feel they’ve been treated.
  2. Training Elevates the Morale of the Team
    It builds greater sense of unity and teamwork which leads to increased morale.
  3. Training sharpens your Team’s Skills, Techniques & Knowledge.
    Every professional of any industry must hone their skills to stay sharp, practice their techniques and learn new ideas and best practices to stay on ahead of the competition.
  4. Training Sets Standards for Mindset, Attitude & Actions
    Standards show that you are serious.  Your Team will be challenged & encouraged to step up their game.
  5. Training Establishes Continual Improvement as a Crucial Company Value
    A company cannot rightly claim that continual improvement is a value if they do not provide ongoing training opportunities for their team. They will not just naturally improve with the passing of time.
  6. Training Leads to Excellence which leads to a more confident Team. 
    A more confident Team will generate more Sales.
  7. Training Creates Excitement, Enthusiasm, Expectation & Positive Energy.
    Training brings a fresh perspective which creates positive energy
  8. Training Inspires & Motivates Your Team.
    Sometimes Team members get into a rut, a mindset of monotony.  Training brings in a sense of freshness-something new to learn- to focus on.
  9. Training Brings Reminders of Best Practices that may have been forgotten or neglected.
    It brings to light opportunities for improvement and growth.
  10. Training Empowers Your Team to Be at their Best.
    Your Customers Deserve to receive the Best Service & Experience possible. One cannot be at their best without training. So, without training your Team, in essence you are cheating your customers.Thank you for reading. I appreciate all my Soupfly Readers from all over the world.
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