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I recently was honored to be interviewed by my good friends Eric & Yvette Auger for their business newsletter, Leading an Inspired Life.  Eric and Yvette are consummate 5 Star Service Professionals, serving the Real Estate Market in Las Vegas. We have had many conversations about Customer Service Excellence and how to create a 5 Star Experience for our clients. I am grateful to have friends like them who are like-minded and who have the passion and desire to serve their clients in an excellent manner. Eric will be featured in my upcoming book, I Am the Customer Experience.

Now I would like to share with you Part 1 of my interview on Leadership and Service by Eric & Yvette Auger.  Please Enjoy.


An Inspired Life

by Yvette & Eric Auger

Know the way, Go the way & Show the way!

This week’s message is the first of a four part discussion on excellence, leadership & pride. Every now and then we meet exceptional individuals who have a message that clearly resonates with the direction we are taking with “Las Vegas Real Estate Elevated”. One of them is Christoff J. Weihman, author of the book “Getting to WOW! Everybody wins with 5 Start service”. His message is so on point with what excellence should look like that we decided to interview him and share our conversation with you. Here is Christoff J. Weihman:

Yvette: Why is creating a pleasant experience absolutely paramount for any type of Business?

Christoff: The quality of the experience is going to leave an impression on your customer, and that impression will become a memory. Are you wanting to create positive, lasting, uplifting, great feeling memories, or are you wanting to just create the memory that they know that they had a transaction with you? That’s my initial thought on that.

Eric: The latter of course… Over the course of time we’ve had multiple conversations on the subject of customer experience and creating positive memories. And this is something you cover in detail in your book too. We both agree that in order to positively impress a client it is necessary to have a servant heart. What are your thoughts on that?

“We’re not just doing a transaction. We’re not just selling a product or a service to them. We’re giving of our time, our effort, our energy, our expertise, our knowledge and ourselves in that relationship.”

Christoff:  If you have customers, clients, patrons, whatever you call them, every industry has a different term for them, you are service professionals. If you are selling to people, then you are also serving them. Customer service and sales are not two separate things. Think about the word “service” and what’s at the core of it? We are servants to our customers. And what are we doing? We are giving. We are giving of ourselves. We’re not just doing a transaction. We’re not just selling a product or a service to them. We’re giving of our time, our effort, our energy, our expertise, our knowledge and ourselves in that relationship. We are creating an experience for them. The primary foundation of that is a service heart or servant heart mindset.

If you are a leader in your profession, you have a passion for it, then you have a gift. What is your gift for? Your gift is only to be given. Your gift is not for you. You are a channel for that gift to be given out to the other people. That would be your customers, your clients, the people that you serve. Teachers are service professionals. Their clients are students. Doctors and nurses are service professionals. Their clients or customers are patients and family members.

In any business where you are interacting with people, you are a service provider. We think of service providers as just a limited few industries. It’s something that I don’t think we really stress enough. We need to have a servant mindset.

 “You can’t separate the idea of
servant from a service professional”

I love John Maxwell. He’s a great author and speaker. He talks a lot about that idea of servant leadership. A leader is somebody who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way, and that’s what being a servant is all about. You can’t separate the idea of servant from a service professional. There are people who say, “I’m not your servant. I’m not that guy’s servant.” In my trainings, I always allude to that. I’m not saying that just because somebody snaps their fingers you go running and you bow your head and, “Yes, sir. What do you need, sir?” Service comes from a place of giving.

“When we are serving we have the greatest amount of influence,
the greatest amount of power over people, but we don’t use it to
lord over them.”

We need to realize that actually when we are serving we have the greatest amount of influence, the greatest amount of power over people, but we don’t use it to lord over them. Regardless of a person’s religious mindset or philosophy, think of people like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. Certainly two of the greatest servants, servant leaders people in history, and yet they’re known as two of the greatest influencers. They weren’t telling people what to do, but they were leading by example and with that servant mindset and servant heart.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a “Servant Leader”?
What would that mean to you and for the the people close to you?
How would thinking of yourself as a servant leader impact you and your busisness?

Drop us a line and let us know what you think? We love our conversations with you!

     Eric & Yvette Auger

For real estate and networking matters, we can be reached by email atEric@ReElevated.com or by phone at (702) 988-8498

Thank you to my friends, Eric and Yvette Auger, for this wonderful interview.  Part 2 will be coming to you very soon.

Thank you to all of my Soupfly readers from around the world. I so appreciate you all!  I would love to hear from you and get to know my readers. Please feel free to share comments, thoughts, etc.

It has been a very busy few weeks or so, since I last posted here. I recently had the amazing pleasure to attend one of the best seminars for speakers-Speaking Empire, put on by the team of Dave Vanhoose and Dustin Matthews.  Then, just this past weekend, I was honored and privileged to be part of the team putting on the You Will Change the World Social Entrepreneur Summit, working alongside the brilliant visionary behind this organization-Peter Anthony Wynn.  More on both of those in a future post.

Elevating Service & Hospitality,

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV

702 848 8955


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