Love- Your Work ?!

This is a very well received post from earlier this year.



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Ah, February, the month of Love. Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is near. Roses and candy and hearts are everywhere.  It’s the time to celebrate the love we have for our significant other, our spouse, partner, loved one, our job.  What?! Did I just say, love for your job?  Yes.  I did.

Think about it, most of us spend more time at our place of employment, doing our job, our profession, than we do any other single activity.  I know Valentine’s Day is about Celebrating our special relationship with that one particular “Love of our life”. For me, of course it is my wife, Michelle.  She is the Love of my Life.  But don’t we all also, have a relationship with our job, or the work we do? Today, I would like to take a moment for us to examine what is the health…

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