Soupfly Travels & Trainings-Part 2

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In our last post I shared with you about our recent travels last month.  Today I am sharing with you about the rest of our trip, specifically, our adventures in the lovely state of Colorado.

We had 2 main stops in Colorado-Loveland and Lone Tree.

Door 222 Food & Drink/ Loveland Downtown Development Authority 

We had been to Loveland before.  In fact, we’d been through there a couple times in the past, and it was on one of those occasions where we stumbled upon a great farm to table type restaurant, Door 222.  It was previously known as Next Door Food & Drink-and recently changed their name.  If you’ve read  my book, Getting to WOW!, then you may recall one of the restaurateurs whom I interviewed and quote a few times, is Jim Edwards-the owner of this establishment. Jim and his team at Door 222 do a wonderful job on both the culinary and the hospitality side of the business.  They all are very friendly & welcoming, knowledgeable and know how to make each guest feel welcome.  Door 222 is easily one of my favorite restaurants-anywhere.

Since we were going to be passing through Colorado, both Jim and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a Getting to WOW! Service & Hospitality/Customer Service Presentation and book signing.  So that’s exactly what we did!  With the cooperation of the Loveland Downtown Development Authority, and the local Chamber of Commerce, on  very short notice, they and Jim set up this event. About 30 local business owners attended the event.

After the event, of course we had a great dinner at Door 222 Food & Drink with my brother and his wife.  Awesome food, attentive, friendly service.  The team here know what Service & Hospitality Excellence is all about.  When in or near Loveland, Colorado, go and enjoy:

It was such a great honor to speak in front of these local Loveland business owners. Our presentation was very well received, and we sold 15 books!  Yahoo! We knew in advance that  we that we wanted to donate to a local non-profit, so  Jim recommended The House of Neighborly Service.  We donated $3.00 from every book sold.  If you live in Colorado, (or anywhere) and you would also like to contribute to a great non-profit that is making a difference in people’s lives-I suggest you check out House of Neighborly Service.  They will happily and gratefully accept any amount you may wish to bless them with.

HNS Logo_single





Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel

After our very short visit to Loveland, it was time to move on to Lone Tree-about 3o minutes south of Denver. A couple months back, the Director of  Food & Beverage for the South Suburban Parks & Recreation District of Colorado, Jay Dikeman, purchased a copy of my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service. He started following my blog, Soupfly and when he noticed that we were planning a trip passing through Colorado, he contacted me and asked if I’d be available to come and do a Getting to WOW! Training for his leaders.  I, of course, said yes.  We worked out a deal and lo and behold, we now had Lone Tree, Colorado on our agenda.



Jay is a long time veteran of the Service & Hospitality industry who truly understands and embodies Service & Hospitality Excellence. The fact that he resonated with the content of my book, and recognized the value that I could bring to his team, was indeed an honor and a privilege for me.  We had such an amazing time sharing for the better part of a day, with his Team Leaders about “Getting to WOW!” and “I Am the Customer Experience”.  They were completely engaged, eager to learn, participated fully and made it an awesome experience for me as well. I was grateful to have Michelle by my side and sharing some valuable input at both the Loveland and this Lone Tree event.

Originally we were scheduled to do our presentation on Wednesday, the day after we arrived at the beautiful Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel.  However, that night when we arrived it began to snow. Of course it snows often in Colorado. But this happened to be more than a bit of snow.  Approximately 22 inches of snow dumped on Lone Tree and the surrounding area in 12 hours. Denver airport was shut down, and roads were impassable. In fact the local authorities were advising people to not even leave their homes.  Needless to say, many of the expected attendees were not going to make it in for the presentation at the Lone Tree Hotel.  Jay asked if we could/would mind staying an extra day.  We gratefully accepted his offer and did our presentation the next day.

Snow Day!

The puppies got to play in the snow, Michelle and I got to relax and not travel or do anything for one entire day and it was great!  The hospitality extended to us by the team and staff of the Lone Tree Hotel was exceptional.  Since we were the only guests of the hotel on the day of the blizzard, we had the privilege of the chef coming to our table at lunch to help us decide what off the menu dish he could prepare for us.  Fresh baked salmon and fresh vegetables. It was delectable.  Thank you so much, Jay and Team for a most wonderful time.  We look forward to our next visit!

If you’re passing through Colorado, I highly recommend that you consider a stay at Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel:

I am so excited and grateful how my speaking and training business is starting to take off. Each month we are adding new clients. New opportunities to speak and do trainings are coming my way.  More and more people are discovering my book, Getting to WOW! and ASPIRE Enterprises is gaining exposure.  I am humbled, honored and excited for each opportunity.  My goal is to make my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service a number one best seller, and to bring value and be of service to thousands and thousands of Service Professionals thru my training and speaking.  I recognize that it is people like Jay Dikeman, and Jim Edwards and many others who provide me those opportunities.  It is also people like you, my Soupfly readers, people who have attended my trainings and my customers who have purchased and read my book, that help me achieve and realize these goals.  For that, I thank each one of you.

I would also be so grateful if you would recommend my book to your friends and peers, share my posts on Social media and tell others who you think may find value in hiring me  to speak/train their Team on WOW! Service & Hospitality/5 Star Customer Service.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.  Please let me know how I may be of Service to you, your company or organization.



P.S.  By the way, when Michelle took Lilly, Carly & Bruno for a walk in the Estes National Park in Loveland, Bruno had the chance to scare away the mountain lion. Life is an adventure!

Elevating Service & Hospitality,

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Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV


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