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Service Excellence is Sprouting at Grape Vine Cafe Wine Bar & Cellar


I hope you all had a pleasant Valentine’s Day Weekend!

This past weekend, Michelle and I discovered what we had been looking for for quite a while.  What is it?  A restaurant in our neighborhood that has good food and service, and decent prices.  A place that we could go for a happy hour, a glass of wine on the patio or for a nice romantic dinner.  We found all that and more at Grape Vine Cafe, Wine Bar & Cellar on Lake Mead in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

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Grape Vine was recently purchased by and is now under the operation of the team of Moeen Taqi and Linda Kutcher, both veterans of the Las Vegas Hospitality Scene. Unlike some restaurants where we’ve dined, where no management is present,  both Linda and Moeen, not only are present in house, they also walk the dining room, greeting the guests and taking time to ensure that both the food and service is up to par. It is so refreshing to see and experience this.  The positive energy that exudes from this couple is  so uplifting and if a patron were to come in after having a rough day, I would venture to guess that that person would leave with bouyed spirits from their interaction with Linda and Moeen.  The service team, likewise, seem to both enjoy their work, and care about the guest’s experience.  To me that trumps any Soupfly that may ever happen.

Michelle and I weren’t even really planning on going out on Saturday night since she was quite spent from 12 hours of working at the ICU. But a nice dinner out could be fun and relaxing, we both thought.  The problem-we didn’t want to go far, as in down to the strip, and none of  the choices in our neighborhood were really calling to us.  Both of us had heard recently that this place formerly known as Grape Street was now under new ownership and we both seemed to think of it at the same moment. “Let’s try Grape Vine”, we practically said in unison.  So, we pulled in, saw a number of guests enjoying the warm night on the enclosed patio, there was energy in the air and we thought that was a good sign.  These guests all appeared to be having a good time. We chose to dine inside and we were greeted in a friendly manner by Carly.

We  were seated and were filled with positive expectation.  Our Server, Rudy also was friendly and upbeat.  It was clear that he enjoyed his job.  In fact, we learned that he had been at this establishment for many years, first starting as a busser, and just recently promoted to a Server.  While there were a couple steps of service that show opportunities for improvement, overall it was a very pleasant experience.  And when a couple things were just not quite right, not only did Rudy fix them, here was Moeen at our table to ensure that everything was flowing well.

Both Linda and Moeen came by our table a few times and told us a bit about their backgrounds in the Hospitality business. There was an excitement in their voices as they spoke, and smiles on their faces.   It is evident that they have a passion for the industry and they care about their guests’ experience.  I am quite confident that Grape Vine is going to grow and flourish with this energetic, focused, positive spirited couple leading the way.  It also rubs off on the staff.  The ones that we engaged with, our server, Rudy; Carly-the Hostess, and one other gentleman from the kitchen, (sorry didn’t get his name) all carry themselves in a manner that says they enjoy what they do.


At the end of our dinner, we had a conversation with Linda about Michelle’s challenge of not being able to find gluten free bread at most restaurants. Linda offered a sample package of breadsticks for us to take home and try. She said she would like to get feedback from people who actually on a gluten free diet, before they serve them in the restaurant.  Also,  Grape Vine serves both gluten free pasta and pizza.  They serve over 40 wines by the glass, they have a retail wine cellar and a puppy friendly patio.  With warm weather already hitting here in Las Vegas, I can envision, Michelle and me and our puppy babies spending many relaxing afternoons at Grape Vine.

If you live in Las Vegas, I highly recommend that you give Grape Vine a try.  If you are visiting and you would like to experience a place with a great food and service, a pleasant inviting ambience, and be catered to by a warm and hospitable staff, then the 20 minutes drive from the Las Vegas Strip will be well worth it.  And tell them that Christoff from Soupfly sent you there!

7501 W Lake Mead Blvd #120
Las Vegas, NV 89128

For more information here is their Website:

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