Announcing… my New Website!


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Yahoo! I am happy to announce that after weeks and weeks of waiting, my new and improved and beautiful and professional website is up and live!  My original site was good-okay, but I realized that in order to grow my business and my brand  I needed to have the site upgraded by a professional.  I hope you love the look and flow of it as much as I do!


I invite you to visit the site, listen to my interview on Las Vegas Advice Givers Podcast with Eric and Yvette Auger, check out the content and please leave comments and connect with us.  Also, I encourage you to sign up for our Free Report: 7 Biggest Service Mistakes that are Costing You Money$!!  When you sign up for the Free Report you will also receive updates, future bonus content and information of upcoming events as well.

Speaking of Future Events-I am very happy and grateful to announce that we, ASPIRE Enterprises, are now doing Service & Hospitality Trainings for Restaurants, Hotels and other Hospitality venues.  Next week we will be bringing the message and training of Getting to WOW! to one of the premier properties on the Las Vegas strip-two new restaurants at Delano Hotel at Mandalay Bay.  It has been a process to get to this point and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity!  This is just the beginning!!

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Another simple yet profound sort of epiphany that I had just this past week was regarding my book sales.  As many of you know, this blog, Soupfly has readers from around the world.  For the last few months I thought we were at about 70 plus countries but then I decided to do an updated count and guess what?! Soupfly has readers now from 100 plus countries!!!! Yahoo!  I am, again, so humble and grateful.  But then I was thinking, why is it that I don’t have any international orders for my book?  As I was having a conversation Justin Sachs, CEO of Motivational Press, whom I recently met at the Authors Business Mastermind- he asked me if I was putting my book’s Amazon link on this blog site.  Answer-NO! I can’t believe that I have never put the Amazon link on this blog.  My thinking is I want to personally sign books for my customers but unfortunately I am not set up to fulfill overseas orders.  That’s what Amazon EU and Amazon UK is for.  So, as much as I want you all to visit my website-if you live outside of the continental United States, I want to invite you to check out the Amazon site to order your copy/copies of Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.



My goal and intention is to make Getting to WOW! a Number 1 Bestseller but in order for that to happen, we need people from all over to get a copy for themselves.  I can’t do this without your help.  If you have a copy of Getting to WOW! and you believe in the message and you know the value of it- I ask for your help to spread the word.  Share on Social media, recommend the book for your friends and family; give it as a gift and even go to Amazon to write a nice, glowing review.  I will and do truly appreciate all your support.


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Finally, as I always say- I love my Soupfly Readers-Now I want to give a shout out to every country where we have readers so far.  Thank and Cheers!! to my Soupfly Readers from:

United States, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Spain, Philippines, Russia, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Indonesia, Norway, France, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Qatar, Viet Nam, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Hong Kong, Serbia, Malaysia, Sweden, Kuwait, Colombia, Romania, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Brunei, Uganda, Mexico, Japan, Mauritius, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Andorra, Slovakia, Israel, Zimbabwe, Austria, Zambia, Curacao, Argentina, Croatia, Nepal, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Jordan, Denmark, Guam, Iraq, Botswana, Morocco, Malta, San Marino, Mongolia, Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago, Solomon Islands, Estonia, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, New Zealand, Senegal, Brazil, Sudan, Suriname, Martinique, Oman, Vanautu, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Lebanon, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan, U.S. Virgin Islands, Algeria, Latvia, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Panama, Bulgaria, Bahamas, Luxembourg, Antigua & Barbuda, Fiji, Czech Republic, Chile, Nigeria, Taiwan, Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Please Keep Reading and Thank you All for your continued Support!!!




Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV

By the Way-are you all still staying focused on making 2015 Your Best Year Yet?  There’s still 4 months left in the year. If you’ve gotten off track-regroup, refocus and dedicate yourself to finish the year strong.

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