More Amazing People You Must Meet…Part 2


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In my last post I introduced you to 4 amazing people that were speakers/presenters at the recent Author’s Business Mastermind in Las Vegas. Today I will introduce you to a few more amazing people.  You may be thinking and asking what does all of this have to do with Service and Hospitality.  Isn’t that what the focus of Soupfly is supposed to be all about?  And my answer is Yes-Yes, Soupfly focuses on Service and Hospitality and the pursuit of Excellence-not only in that industry but in any industry or field you may be in.  So, even though these individuals do not work directly in the hospitality industry-their messages and insights are invaluable to anyone who wants to listen to and learn from them.

Here are a few more Amazing People for you to know:

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Jordan Adler-Jordan Adler is an Amazing individual in a number of different ways. He is one of the top 10 most successful Network Marketers in the world.  He has a team of over 55,000 and he adds about 2,000 new members a month.  He is the author of Beach Money which is a fantastic book that is inspiring and motivating.  It simplifies the principles of what it takes to become successful in Network Marketing.  And Jordan should know because he actually signed up with and started working in at least 12 different network marketing companies before he figured it out and began to make it work.  Jordan is a licensed helicopter pilot and a master of Relationship Marketing.  When he speaks it is always from the heart.  If the concept of Beach Money is intriguing to you-I highly recommend you get his book. It will show you how to create the life of your dreams through the vehicle of network marketing.  Also, if you ever get the opportunity to hear Jordan speak-grab the chance.  You will be thoroughly inspired as to what is possible.

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A.D. Cook

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A.D. is an artist, a painter, sculptor, designer.  His work is amazing and he has been honing his craft and creating masterpieces for a long time.  He was the one who designed the logo and branding for Hollywood Video-Remember them?  That was the work of A.D. Cook-Pretty Amazing!

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Yes, A.D. is  a guy who understands logos and branding and at the Author’s Business Mastermind he shared with us about the aesthetics of cover design for a book, about the importance of consistency in branding across all social media platforms and showed examples of the work he has done for some current artists-Beti Kristof (whom is also an artist) and fiction writer Joe Frazette.  So much great content and inspiration shared by A.D.  If you would like to see his work or perhaps commission him for a project you may connect with him:

To see examples of Beti’s art and to connect with Beti Kristof:

To Check out the fiction work of Joe Frazette:http: //

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Justin Sachs-Publisher, CEO of Motivational Press

Justin is a very impressive individual who is an author-he wrote his first book with Ann McIndoo!  He now is the CEO of Motivational Press.  He shared a wealth of information with us at the Author’s Business Mastermind.  I learned so much which I wish I knew before I did the book launch for my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service. I almost feel like I need to take the principles and ideas that I learned from Justin and do a Re-Launch of Getting to WOW! and guess what?  That’s Exactly what I believe I’ll be doing in the near future.  Justin shared valuable insights into the publishing world.  He covered the advantages and disadvantages of Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing and what Assisted Self-Publishing is all about.  He taught us the secret to getting Celebrity endorsements and wide array of other insider industry knowledge that only a publishing expert would know.

If you are in the process of writing a book, or are considering writing a book-first I suggest you contact Ann McIndoo- and next I strongly recommend that you connect with Justin at Motivational Press to see if there’s an opportunity to work together with him and his team.


Steve Leon-Hollywood Producer, Industry Insider

One of the absolute highlights for many of us, myself included, at the Author’s Business Mastermind was having the very rare opportunity to pitch our book or idea to a Hollywood Producer-Mr. Steve Leon.  Steve has worked in the Television industry for over 40 years. He has been involved with a myriad of projects over the years, including a tv show you may have heard of called Seinfeld.  Steve shared insights as to what a producer or a network looks for specifically when a pitch is brought to them.  He also gave us an run-down of what many of the major networks and cable stations are looking for.  Another area that Steve really delved into was the continuing rise in the influence and importance of digital, non-traditional and online media.  Companies like Amazon, Netflix and even Hulu are jumping into the original content side of the industry.

After his talk, a number of us were given the amazing opportunity to pitch our book or show ideas to Steve to see if it had any viability of becoming a tv show, a series or a movie.  It was incredible to see his mind working as he listened to each individual share their concepts-within seconds he had  very insightful feedback as to the direction that might make sense for that person’s potential project.  This was in no way, Steve just saying “Oh that’s a great idea” to everyone who pitched.  He listened carefully and was very straightforward and honest.  Most people NEVER have the chance to sit face to face with a decision maker/industry insider who could green light a person’s project or at least put them in touch with the right people or studio that would be a fit for the person’s project.

I am very blessed that I had the opportunity to pitch my show to him.  Many of you know that I have been developing and pitching our Service & Hospitality Reality show for some time now.  Last year we struck a production deal but after a few months it became clear that the production company’s original enthusiasm for our show had waned and it was not going to progress with them.  So, we ended our agreement and have been seeking other avenues. I am extremely happy to report that Steve did see some potential in our show and he is willing to put me in touch with the people he thinks could take it to the next step.  That’s really all I can reveal at the moment except to say that we are thinking non-traditional media.  I will keep you in the loop as we begin to get this ball rolling again.

I want to thank you all for reading and allowing me to take a few moments to introduce you to these amazing people.  I encourage you to check out their work and connect with them.  I guarantee that you will be blessed and will gain a wealth of knowledge and insight by learning from and connecting with them.

I am so excited about all the amazing opportunities in store for us to share the message and training of Getting to WOW! to the Service & Hospitality Industry.  Some fantastic events are now on the calendar and I’ll be sharing those in future posts.

AND… I will be revealing my new website in the next couple days!  It has a new, more professional look and design.  I know you will love it!

Thank you for Reading.  Please Like us on Facebook and Share on your favorite social media.

God Bless and Cheers!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV


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