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Exciting News From SOUPFLY!! Announcing…

Welcome Back to Soupfly!!


Yes, I know it has been a while. Have you missed Soupfly-like we’ve missed you? Where to begin? So much has been happening and I want to apologize for not keeping up with the commitment I made at the beginning of the year to communicate with you-my amazing readers from around the world more frequently. So, forgive me and let’s begin again.

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First-a few months back we began offering free Service and Hospitality seminars to get the message of Getting to WOW! out. While the seminars have been well received by all who have attended-the challenge has been in actually getting people to come. Why would it be difficult to get people to attend?  As I’ve pondered that question, I began to realize something-our industry-the Service and Hospitality industry-Food and Beverage is one that does not commonly promote or require ongoing education-unlike almost every other industry.  My wife’s a nurse-she has multiple opportunities to attend educational dinners, seminars, symposiums etc to keep her up to date with new technologies, practices etc.  If you are in real estate, sales, technology, engineering, Human Resources-almost any other field, there are countless numbers of training and on-going education opportunities offered, provided and sometimes required.  What about our industry?

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Those who have attended our Getting to WOW! Seminars have absolutely LOVED the information, the interaction and engagement of the training.  We have had some wonderful guest speakers-experts in Service and Hospitality.

Here are a couple testimonials from our attendees:

Joaquin Effertz Testimonial of Getting to WOW! Seminars

Ryan Muir Testimonial of Getting to WOW! Seminars


We are very excited to announce that we have 2 new projects that are in Pre-Launch stage-Drum roll please:


Number 1-Announcing the WOW! Awards for Service and Hospitality Excellence

As you may know by now, everything I do is about Elevating Service and Hospitality-That’s why we offer training to restaurants to bring the message of Getting to WOW! to their Service Staff.  Also, another focus we have is to bring recognition and accolades to our Service professionals. This is a very under-appreciated profession and a profession that often is not held in high regard by the general public.  If someone is a bartender or server or working in a restaurant past a certain age and they are not the General Manager or the owner,  they are often looked down upon. People often see these positions as only a stepping stone to something else or as a fill-in or interim or 2nd job type of position.  But I say that those who work in the Service industry, in the front of the house, in whatever capacity ought to be recognized  more often for the valuable Service they provide.  A Server or Bartender often can make the day, turn the day around for a guest who has had an otherwise lousy day.  They can and do lift our spirits, they send out positive energy-they get us feeling good again and all by the way they greet and treat their guests-us.  So the WOW! Awards are in the process of being developed. We will be asking the public to help us nominate individuals to be considered as the Service Professional of the month. It will start small-and locally here in Las Vegas first. But the vision is to grow this to a Nation wide  event.  I don’t have many details yet as we are still in process but we are hoping to launch by October.  It may be a bit ambitious but we are very excited about this and we of course, will be seeking a few major sponsors in the Las Vegas area to support our launch.

So if you live in Las Vegas, please spread the word, share this blog and start thinking about who you would nominate for a WOW! Award for Service and Hospitality Excellence.  Who do you know, host, hostess, bartender, server, busser, even manager that exudes Service Excellence and exemplifies the ultimate in Hospitality?  There are a lot out there and it’s time they be recognized, appreciated and awarded for their Excellence. I’m sure you will agree.

2. Announcing the Pre-Launch of The ASPIRE 2 WOW! RADIO SHOW!!

I’m s excited about this will soon be the home of a Radio show that focuses on everything that we are all about-Excellence in Service and Hospitality, Customer Service, Business Excellence and people who Aspire to WOW in LIfe!  This too, is in the initial planning stages and we are currently seeking sponsorship.  Internet radio is the way of the future and we are thrilled to be jumping on board with

We will be interviewing experts in the industry-people who Excel, who strive for greatness and who put the customer first in their business.  More details to come.  If you are interested in being a guest or a sponsor of the show please message us below.

We will keep you up to date as these two amazing new projects develop and take shape.  We appreciate your feedback, thoughts, comments, ideas. AND AS ALWAYS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING-A big shout out to our new readers from Quatar! Our readership continues to grow-God Bless you all!


One last note-our website is going thru a major overhaul and soon we will have a new, more beautiful, more engaging, easier to navigate site. This should be up in a few days-so if you do visit our website before then-please forgive our dust as we work to make it better.

I do encourage you to go there and check out and order yourself a copy of Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service.

Go here to order your copy today! :

And as always-we donate $3.00 of your purchase price to Three Square LV-our local Foodbank serving the food insecure people of Southern Nevada.

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Last thought-I’m super excited and very grateful for all that we have in process-much more to tell next time and definitely we are on track to making 2015 OUR BEST YEAR YET!!



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