Getting to WOW! and Giving Back Mega Book Launch a Grand Success!!



We recently had our last, in  a series of Getting to WOW! and Giving Back Mega Book Launch Events, this time at Honey Salt, the restaurant I wrote about in a previous post.


While we did not sell anywhere near as many books as I’d hoped and intended-(my original goal was to sell 1000 copies in 3o days), I will still say that the Launch was a success.

So, how was our Getting to WOW! and Giving Back Mega Book Launch a success? Consider the following:

*We made so many great connections with restaurant owners, management & staff, who will in the future, hopefully, become my clients for my training and consultation business, ASPIRE Enterprises.

*We met and made many new, wonderful friends.  Each event it was so exciting to see who we are going to meet next. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging.  People have bought extra copies of Getting to WOW! to share with friends, family or co-workers. Some have even purchased a copy at each event they’ve come to.

wpid-20150217_180437.jpg wpid-20150217_174806.jpg wpid-20150217_174749.jpg wpid-20150217_183756.jpg

*We began to build exposure and awareness for me, as an author and speaker, for the book, Getting to WOW! and for ASPIRE Enterprises.  I am already being invited to speak at local organizations.

*We brought new business to each of the 6 locations where we held our events: DW Bistro, The Crepe in Tivoli, Mercadito in Red Rock, Whist at The District at Green Valley Ranch, Fleming’s in Townsquare, and Honey Salt in Summerli, as many of our guests and supporters had never been to these locations prior to coming to our Gettting to WOW! and Giving Back Mega Book Launch Events.

wpid-20150223_174852.jpg wpid-20150223_182009.jpg wpid-20150223_193256.jpg wpid-20150301_132017.jpg wpid-20150301_131854.jpgwpid-20150217_184513.jpg wpid-20150217_184358.jpg wpid-20150217_194725.jpg wpid-20150217_190204.jpg wpid-20150223_182009.jpg

*We brought awareness and (hopefully) new business also to our amazing and generous sponsors who donated prizes and raffle drawings. Our sponsors are: Las Vegas Distillery, Crafthaus Brewery, Kona Grill, View Wine Bar & Kitchen, Distill, Blue Martini, Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Bar, Fleming’s, Mercadito, Top Dog Sitting Las Vegas, The Dog House, Salt Room LV, Jil-Ann Reardon, Crystals Style Studio, Dena Anderson, Elna Fisher, Devotion Vodka.  They have all been so generous and supportive.  We are grateful and blessed!

Las Vegas Distillery flemings Devotion Vodka crafthaus brewery download images (1) whist Urban Hydrogreens salt room lvwpid-20150224_211638.jpg wpid-20150224_211626.jpg wpid-20150224_195245.jpg wpid-20150208_134951.jpg 3930156914_19835ccabe_n Untitled1 (2) wpid-20150124_213343.jpg wpid-20150124_214241.jpg wpid-20150124_234557.jpg

*Finally, we successfully raised awareness and support for Three Square LV, Southern Nevada’s Food Bank.

Through our sales of my book, Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service AND the sale of our raffle tickets at our Book Launch Events, we raised enough money to provide more than 1,500 meals for our neighbors in need! We are very happy and proud to partner with Three Square.  They serve more than 100,000 individuals in Southern Nevadas. The work that they do is selfless and extraordinary.

20130503_1075_630x317 download (1) download images (1) images (2)

Moving forward, we will be continuing to partner with Three Square.  For every copy of Getting to WOW! that we sell, we will continue to share $3.00 with Three Square.  So, it’s not too late for you to participate.  If you have not yet ordered a copy, please do so today.  You will be supporting both a newly published author and a wonderful non-profit-Three Square.  If you already have a copy of Getting to WOW!, I trust you are finding it filled with valuable content, if so, I encourage  and suggest that you purchase yourself another copy to share with a friend, family member or co-worker.

If you are in any type of Service/Hospitality/ Customer focused industry, I would like to ask you to consider purchasing multiple copies for you to share with your staff and team.  I know that it can be of great value to your organization.  Please message me so we can discuss maximum value pricing for bulk orders.  I am currently talking with directors of a couple of the major hotel/casino properties on the Las Vegas Strip about large quantity orders of the book and group training.  I would love to serve you also in the same way.

Untitled1 (2)



Thank you to all of you who have participated, sponsored, promoted, contributed and purchased copies of Getting to WOW!

Finally, I would like to thank my Amazing wife Michelle for all of her assistance in making our Launch a huge success. Also, her/our daughter, Melissa was extremely helpful in making each event flow so smoothly.  Thank you so much.

The book and it’s author have been launched-NOW WE BEGIN PHASE 2

Thank you all for reading.  Please Share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

I hope you are all still making 2015 your best year yet-I am!

God Bless and Cheers!




Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV


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