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It has been a crazy, busy, fun, hectic two weeks.  Yes it’s been two weeks since my last post.  I appreciate all of my readers and I welcome your comments.  My last post was one of the most popular since I’ve started writing this blog.  My intention here is to share principles that can help you elevate your level of Service & Hospitality regardless of what specific business you are  in.  Sometimes it is necessary to share about the not so pleasant experiences in order to better appreciate the WOW! ones.  Having said that, please know that I don’t seek out negative or less than great experiences to write about. I share with you my experiences from my perspective.

Westin Staff-Friendly, Caring-Passionate

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I spent last weekend at an amazing seminar entitled The Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) here in Las Vegas.  This seminar is really transformational for those who are wanting and ready for it to be such.  I also had the  great privilege of staying at The Westin Hotel in Las Vegas, just around the corner from The famous Las Vegas Strip.  Although, I spent most of my 3 days in the seminar and didn’t venture around the property very much, I will say that the staff at The Westin, those that I had the pleasure of interacting with were friendly, helpful, cheerful, upbeat and positive.  It was such a nice, refreshing experience.

Even though I live in Las Vegas, I chose to stay at the property where the event was being held, which started at 9am on Friday morning.  I called the day before to see if there is a possibility of early check-in. I was told there’s a possibility but they wouldn’t know until that morning.  As you all know, check in is sometimes around 3 pm.  Early check in would typically be around 12 noon.  But  I was hoping to be able to get my stuff settled in my room before the seminar began at 9am.  That’s VERY EARLY CHECK-IN.   Well, guess what?  The gentleman at the front desk, was not bothered by my unusual request. In fact, he was able to find and get me checked into a room at 8am! Yahoo!  Thank you!  Ask and you shall receive.  You tend to get what you expect.   As you might imagine-I was already positive, upbeat and full of excited expectancy for my MMI event, but this little thing, of being able to check in super early just added to my already positive feeling.   And unlike the mega Las Vegas hotels on the strip, I didn’t have to proceed to my room first and then call down for my luggage to be brought up.  Rather, the bell man, stood beside me waiting while I checked in and then walked with me to my room.  WOW! Thank you Westin-you have no idea how great that is for a guest.  Or maybe you do.  And that’s why you do it.   I understand that this is probably logistically impossible when one is staying at a mega resort that has 3000 rooms.  So imagine, in some ways-better perks and more personalized service at a smaller establishment.  That small gesture of accommodating my request really set the tone for my stay at The Westin.  They get it.

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The rest of my stay and interactions with the hotel staff were equally as positive. They all seem to have  a caring attitude and a desire to serve.  From the service staff at the Suede restaurant, to the bartenders at the casino bar as well as the front desk clerk who helped me get on their wifi on my phone-(because I kept getting knocked off it-the wifi) and the valet staff-they all seemed to have a passion for service.  In fact, on their lapel name tags it reads: Passion:   and then it has whatever that person’s passion is.  I saw things like-motorcycles, people, life, and positivity.  That’s so refreshing.  Obviously, at least from my perspective, The Westin works hard to create a culture of passionate, caring service focused individuals.   Oh, I almost forgot, even the gentleman from engineering who came to check on the air conditioner in my room was very friendly and upbeat.  Thanks Westin.

Oh by the way, yes, The Millionaire Mind Intensive was-as I expected it to be-AMAZING.  I really gained more tools and  the mindset that I need to move onto the next level in my journey.   If you’ve ever considered attending an MMI, I highly recommend that you do whatever it takes for you to get to the next one.  It will change your life!

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We are well into our 30 Day Mega Book Launch!  I am so blessed to have such generous, kind sponsors who have provided us with gifts, prizes, certificates to raffle as prizes, as well as providing locations for us to hold our events.   I want to thank the following, (please forgive me, if I miss someone) :Las Vegas Distillery, DW Bistro, The Crepe in Tivoli Village, Crystal’s a Hair & Nail Studio, CraftHaus Brewery, Devotion Vodka, Whist Stove & Spirits, View Wine Bar, Kona Grill, Distill Local Bar, Jil-Ann Reardon, Top Dog Pet Sitting, Green Juice Bar, Urban Hydrogreens, Salt Room LV, Body spa West, Mercadito Red Rock, Spyon Vegas, Honey Salt, Fleming’s Town Square.

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We are donating $3.00 to Three Square for 30 days from every copy of my book-Getting to WOW! that is sold.

This also includes sales on my website and on Amazon.  So even if you do not live in Las Vegas and you can not attend our live local Getting to WOW! events, you can still support this new author-me and at the same time contribute to an amazing non-profit-Three Square Food Bank.  They are doing a remarkable job helping to feed over 100,000 people who are food insecure in Southern Nevada.

Every dollar donated provides 3 meals that they share.   So, imagine, every time a copy of Getting to WOW! is sold-that person is contributing 9 meals to help those in need.

Here’s an excerpt from Getting to WOW! regarding passion:

Love what you do and do what you love.

“Is the life you live the life you love?”  “Do what you love and the money will follow.”  These are pretty well known phrases and philosophies.  But does this mentality only apply to a sport, the arts or some other such pursuit?  Surely one can have passion for a sport, or for music but what about for Service?

As I’ve been interviewing various individuals-from Servers and Bartenders, to Chefs, Restaurateurs and others for this book-Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service-there is one recurring theme that always comes out-Passion.  It’s stated in many different ways by these individuals but every single one of them in some way echoes what Michael Skurow told me,

“As I was at culinary school, I really enjoyed the creativity I was able to express through food but when I began working in the Front of the House-the dining room, I really fell in love with the Service side of the business.”  Or as Olivier de Roany stated, “In order to be successful in this industry you really have to have a Passion for people and for caring about their dining experience.”    I completely agree with them.

The actual original definition of “passion” is “to suffer”.  So, being passionate about something means “to be willing to suffer for what you love”. (From the book, Aspire, by Kevin Hall)

If you are in this business-the Food and Hospitality World and you don’t love it-you ultimately will not be successful at it.  This is a really tough business in so many ways.  It is super high stress.  There are often long hours required.  Your life schedule becomes topsy-turvy.  You don’t have control of your nights and your weekends.

But on the flip side-if you do enjoy it and if you can find your passion in providing exceptional service and in creating memorable dining experiences for your guests-then the rewards you receive will be manifold.  Yes, you can make fantastic money working as a Server or Bartender but I’m not talking just about the money.  I’m talking about the satisfaction, the gratification, the feeling of fulfillment when you bring happiness to someone.  When a group of guests walk into your restaurant and maybe they have an idea of what to expect, or maybe they don’t, but after 1 1/2 or 2 hours or more of being your dining guests, they walk out not just fully satiated but completely content beaming with happiness and gratitude.  It’s really an amazing feeling to experience that.

You can order your copy of Getting to WOW! Everybody WINS with 5 Star Service here:

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We welcomed a new family member on Valentine’s day-Bruno-a little Chihuahua puppy. Lilly and Carly are still getting to used to him.


I hope you are all still focused on making 2015 your best year yet!

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God Bless you and Cheers!

Christoff J. Weihman

ASPIRE Enterprises

Las Vegas, NV



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